HSV Service

Are you in need of an HSV Service? There is no need to worry about trying to schedule an appointment at HSV service centres, as the AHG Auto & Tyre service team is here to help. When you’re searching for great value HSV Servicing, safety inspections or logbook services, our convenient location and friendly team make it easy and straightforward for any driver.


Our HSV Servicing

The AHG Auto & Tyre Service team of qualified technicians is committed to ensuring your HSV is correctly inspected, diagnosed, repaired and serviced for a consistent and efficient customer service. Whether you need an oil change, regular interval service or logbook servicing, we’re ready to help. All our servicing options involve a complete and thorough inspection to provide you with the assurance that your HSV is running at optimum performance, efficiency and safety. We can provide a hassle free, cost effective alternative to visiting HSV service centres. Our logbook servicing is completed to adhere to the manufacturer specifications and maintain your new car warranty, providing access to high quality fluids, parts and tyres to suit almost all current and older HSV models.

The AHG Service Team

The AHG Auto & Tyre Service technician team are proud to not only offer a vast range of services but also be your choice for HSV servicing. Drivers will find that we can offer high quality servicing and complete vehicle examinations. Whether you need logbook servicing, repairs or tyre replacement, our technician team has the expertise and experience to help. We provide fixed price servicing for all HSV models including passenger, and 4WD vehicles. Our team will also ensure that you know what to expect with our transparent servicing policy; answering any questions or queries to ensure that you fully understand all your available options.

So, you don’t need to worry about getting your HSV service on time; the AHG team is ready to help. Your service will be conducted by an HSV mechanic and involves a thorough vehicle examination including brake inspections and fluid checks, so you can have confidence that your vehicle will be returned in excellent condition. We’ll even clean and vacuum your HSV, so it is returned looking great.

Why Choose AHG Auto & Tyre Service?

AHG Auto & Tyre Service doesn’t just offer high quality servicing; we also provide additional value. Our primary aim is to provide all our customers with a superb level of service including complimentary roadside assistance; nationwide 24/7, shuttle bus service access, discounted fuel prices and complimentary car loan hire. We want to ensure that your HSV service requirements are seamlessly met to save you stress and hassle. ​

If you are considering an HSV service, you can rely on us. Contact our team today, to find out how we can be of assistance.