Mercedes Service

If you’re looking for a qualified mechanic to complete your regular Mercedes service, you need look no further than AHG Auto & Tyre Service. With our convenient and prominent three locations in St James, Mandurah and Osborne Park, we make it easy to access an experienced Mercedes mechanic.


Your Mercedes Service

It’s not always easy to reach a Mercedes service centre or schedule an appointment, but you don’t need to deal with this stress when you use AHG Auto & Tyre Service. Modern Mercedes models don’t have fixed service intervals by kilometres or time. The onboard computer looks at a variety of parameters to determine when a service is required. This is based on the kilometres driver, your average speeds, driving style and time since your last service. When your service notification appears on your console, we can help you. Our team of experienced technicians are fully equipped and qualified to perform a range of Mercedes services on current models and older vehicles. We only use the highest quality oils and fluids, with replacement parts that meet or exceed the Mercedes specifications. We offer reliable, flexible and affordable servicing options including standard annual servicing, and the servicing indicated when your dash lights illuminate. Whether you have a brand new C Class or a classic E Class, our team is here to help.

Maintaining Your Mercedes Service History

The team at AHG Auto & Tyres understand that one of the most effective ways to optimise your Mercedes resale value is to have a complete service history. Our technician team can complete your service record after any servicing to demonstrate to any future buyers your Mercedes has received excellent care and attention. Our team has the expertise and experience to perform all the inspection, servicing and repair requirements for the full range of Mercedes models including passenger, commercial and 4WD vehicles. We will even clean your Mercedes, including vacuuming the cabin, to ensure that it is returned to you in tip top condition.

Our AHG servicing options allow you to stay in complete control of your vehicle costs. You can opt for the services necessary to ensure your Mercedes is operating at peak efficiency and performance. This includes annual servicing, Log Book services, and more comprehensive options. Each service is completed by an experienced Mercedes mechanic and includes a complete inspection to check for any minor issues that could compromise the performance of your vehicle. 

Whether you have a new model or an older Mercedes, the AHG team is here to help with all your repair and service issues. We make it straightforward to arrange your service, and our team will confirm we have the parts and peripherals needed for your specific model and production year. So, feel free to contact our professional and friendly team, who are ready to answer any of your queries and reassure you that your Mercedes will be in good hands.