Subaru Service

Whether you’re in need of a standard logbook service or in need of some major repairs, AHG Auto and Tyre Service can look after you and your Subaru at our authorised service centres.


​Subaru Servicing

Staying on top of your Subaru service needs means ensuring your vehicle’s preventative maintenance schedule is managed to keep your Subaru performing at peak efficiency. While trying to get to a Subaru service centre may not be simple, the prominent locations of AHG Auto & Tyre Service’s trained technicians can eliminate the stress and hassle of servicing.

Protecting Your Investment

Whether you have a late model Subaru Impreza or an older Outback, our technicians aim to eliminate the stress and hassle of servicing. The AHG Auto & Tyre Service team of technicians is fully qualified to offer a range of Subaru servicing options on the current Subaru range and older models. We only use the highest quality replacement parts, fluids, and oils to meet the exacting Subaru specifications for all servicing and repairs. We offer flexible, affordable and reliable service options including Log Book, annual, interval and more comprehensive service options for all Subaru models from the Liberty sedan to the Performance WRX and AWD Outback.
Our convenient and affordable service plans allow you to select when your Subaru is serviced help you to keep in control of your maintenance costs. So, whether you have a brand new Outback or a classic Impreza, we’re here to help.

Maintaining Your Service History

Even if you don’t have any immediate plans to upgrade to a new vehicle, most drivers need to be aware of their vehicle resale value. One of the most effective ways to optimise your resale value is to maintain a complete service history. Our team appreciates that a service history showcases the care and attention that a vehicle has received, so our technicians will complete your service record after every service appointment.

Our team of experienced mechanics and technicians has the expertise to perform any and all of your inspection, servicing and repair requirements for the entire Subaru range including passenger, SUVs and performance vehicles. We will even complete the service appointment by cleaning your Subaru including vacuuming the interior to ensure that your vehicle is returned in fantastic condition.

The AHG Auto & Tyre Service options allow you to stay in control of your Subaru maintenance costs. You can choose the services needed to ensure that your Subaru continues to operate at peak performance, efficiency, and safety. This includes Log Book servicing, interval servicing, and more comprehensive options. Every service is completed by an experienced Subaru mechanic and starts with a complete inspection to check for minor problems or issues that could be compromising your vehicle performance. 

Whether you have a new WRX STi or a well worn Outback, the AHG Auto & Tyre Service team is ready to help with all of your service and repair issues. We aim to eliminate the stress and hassle of servicing your Subaru. Once we know the specific model and production year of your vehicle, we will confirm we have the necessary parts and peripherals for your service. So, speak to our friendly team who are here to answer your queries, so you can feel the reassurance of knowing your Subaru is in good hands.