Mitsubishi Service

If you’re looking for a qualified Mitsubishi mechanic to perform your service, you need to look no further than AHG Auto & Tyre Service. We not only have an experienced team to complete your Mitsubishi service but our 4 convenient locations in Perth and surrounds make it easy to access our full range of services. 


​Your Mitsubishi Service

It’s not always convenient to reach a Mitsubishi service centre or try to get an appointment, but AHG Auto & Tyre Service can help you to eliminate this stress and hassle. Our team of experienced, professional technicians is fully qualified and equipped to offer a wide range of Mitsubishi service and repairs on the current models and older Mitsubishi vehicles. Our team only uses the highest quality fluids and oils, with replacement parts meeting or exceeding the Mitsubishi manufacturer specifications. We can offer flexible, reliable and affordable service options including standard annual servicing or interim servicing for any issues that are indicated on your dashboard panel. Whether you have a brand new Lancer or drive a classic 4WD Pajero, our team is ready to help with all your service requirements.

Your Mitsubishi Service History

Regular servicing is not only the best way to ensure that your Mitsubishi is operating at peak performance, safety and efficiency; it is also a great way to optimise your resale value. We appreciate that buyers look for a complete service history as an indication that a vehicle has received the proper care and attention during its lifetime. We eliminate the need to keep returning to the Mitsubishi service centre, as our technician team can complete your service record after every service appointment to demonstrate to any future buyers that your Mitsubishi has received excellent care and attention. Our team has the experience and expertise to perform inspection, servicing and repairs for the entire Mitsubishi vehicle range including sedans, 4WD and commercial vehicles. We will also clean your vehicle including vacuuming inside the cabin to return it to you in fantastic condition.

Our service options allow Mitsubishi owners to stay in total control of vehicle costs while ensuring their vehicle is running at peak performance. You can choose the necessary services to ensure that your Mitsubishi offers the best efficiency and optimum safety. This includes Log Book servicing, regular annual services and more comprehensive options. Every service is completed by a professional Mitsubishi mechanic and involves a thorough inspection for any minor issues that may be compromising the performance of your Mitsubishi. 

Whether you have a new Pajero or an older Mirage, the AHG Auto & Tyre Service team is ready to help with any and all your service and repair needs. We make it easy to arrange your service and our team simply need confirmation of your specific model and production year to ensure we have the necessary parts and peripherals. So, speak to our friendly team today for reassurance your Mitsubishi will be in the best hands.​