Toyota Service

If you are in need of a Toyota service, it is important to choose a qualified Toyota mechanic who has a thorough knowledge of your vehicle and its individual parts.

Here at AHG Auto & Tyre Services, our customers entrust us with providing their Toyota vehicles for regular servicing. Our positive customer feedback and reviews are a testament to our high-performance standards and the excellent results we achieve. If you own a Toyota, read on to learn more about our services and why we are the preferred Toyota Service Center by our customers all across Perth.



AHG Auto & Tyre Services carry out a range of services including regular vehicle servicing, crash repairs, log book servicing and tyre repairs. If you drive a Toyota, you will be pleased to learn that we offer fixed price servicing on our vehicles. We ensure we conduct ourselves with the utmost transparency and honesty, so you know how much you can expect to pay and won’t be presented with any unexpected costs. A Toyota mechanic will conduct an extremely thorough inspection of your vehicle, including safety, brake and tyre checks, battery and road testing and various inspection to ensure your vehicle is working at its best. Our customers will also have their vehicles returned to them with a wash and vacuum, so your vehicle is kept looking its best.
If you are in need of a Toyota service or crash repairs, you can request a quote from a qualified toyota mechanic right here at AHG Auto & Tyre. Simply fill out the details of your vehicle and repairs required and the team will liaise with our network of manufacturers and technicians to diagnose the issue for you accordingly. We can also conduct log book servicing on your Toyota, while we can also assist you with tyre repairs or replacements as we have access to a large variety of tyres to suit Toyotas of all makes.

AHG Auto & Tyre Services Customer Benefits

In addition to the high quality of service performed on each and every Toyota vehicle we look after, we are always looking for additional ways that we can provide to our customers, both on and off the road. By selecting AHG Auto & Tyre as your next Toyota service centre, you can look forward to:​

  • Complimentary Roadside Assist: Available to all Toyota customers and covers drivers Australia wide, 24/7. Services include battery replacement, tyre replacement, ambulance cover and more
  • Discounted Fuel: Customers receive a discounted fuel card to give them access to cheaper fuel prices between their vehicle services.
  • Interest-Free Payments: Toyota customers have access to our interest-free payment system, if unable to make an upfront payment for their service or repairs
  • Shuttle Bus: Whilst your Toyota vehicle is undergoing a service, we are delighted to give our customers access to a shuttle bus which can transport them to and from a desired location throughout the duration of the service
  • Complimentary Loan Car Hire: For customers who simply cannot be without a vehicle, we offer complimentary loan cars to ensure our customers can carry on with their day-to-day life.


With more than 10 convenient locations extending from Clarkson to Rockingham, you are bound to find a Toyota service centre that is close to your home or your work. View all our locations here or simply contact our friendly team on (08) 6454 3777 to learn more about a Toyota service and how we can be of assistance today.