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Are all Ford Ranger beds the same?

Are all Ford Ranger beds the same?
Ford Ranger beds are not all the same. The compatibility of beds depends on various factors such as the year, style, and specific model of the Ford Ranger. Different years and models may have different bed sizes, configurations, and features.
According to the search results, here is some information about Ford Ranger beds:
– The Mazda beds will work from 1993 to 2011, and those are all 3-bulb setups.
– The short bed standard cab has the same bed as the extended cab. There are two length beds for the Ranger: the short bed (6′ long) and the long bed (7′ long).
– The 2010 model year removed the extended-length bed from retail sale, making it exclusive to the XL Fleet model ).
– The Ranger beds from 1993 to 2011 are compatible with each other.
It’s important to note that these are general guidelines, and there may be specific variations and exceptions depending on the exact year and model of the Ford Ranger. If you are looking to replace or modify the bed of your Ford Ranger, it is recommended to consult with a Ford dealership or a trusted automotive expert to ensure compatibility and proper fitment for your specific vehicle.

What size beds come on a Ford Ranger?

Ford Ranger Bed Dimensions

  • Cargo Box Volume: 51.8 cubic feet.
  • Inside Length: 72.8 inches.
  • Inside Height: 20.8 inches.
  • Inside Width (Between Wheelhouses): 44.8 inches.

Did Ford make a full size Ranger?

The Ranger was originally a trim level of the F series full sized trucks. The Ranger was later brought out as a mid sized truck between a rebranded Mazda and the F series much like the Chevy S10 was between their LUV, a rebranded Isuzu, and their full sized Silverado.

Does the new Ford Ranger come with a 6-foot bed?

2023 Ford Ranger Bed Lengths and Exterior Dimensions
The 2023 Ford Ranger is available with a pair of bed length options – a 6-foot Styleside bed that pairs with the SuperCab and a 5-foot Styleside bed that pairs with the SuperCrew® Cab.

What is the biggest bed in the Ford Ranger?

Ford Ranger SuperCab models feature a 6-foot bed. The SuperCab bed dimensions are: Cargo Box Volume: 51.8 cubic feet. Inside Length: 72.8 inches.

Are Ford Ranger beds interchangeable?

Compatibility of Ford Ranger Beds between Years
Interchangeable within same gen (up to 2005). Not across generations. Same bed dimensions as 2011-gen Ranger, but not interchangeable due to differences in design and mounting points. Remember to double-check specs before purchase.

What size bed does an older Ford Ranger have?

In line with the Courier, the Ranger was offered with two pickup bed sizes; a standard 6-foot length and an extended 7-foot length. In 1986, a third configuration was introduced, as the Ranger SuperCab extended cab was introduced.

What is the difference between a regular cab and a SuperCab Ranger?

The Super Cab is shorter than a Crew Cab but longer than your traditional cab. The Super Cab will also have four doors, but the rear two doors are smaller than the doors in the front of the truck. In addition to being smaller, these two rear doors will open in the opposite direction of traditional doors.

How long is a standard Ford Ranger bed?

There are two options for the Ford Ranger bed dimensions – a five-foot and a six-foot version. The shorter bed offers more room for passengers, while the six-foot variety provides plenty of space for lugging materials and cargo from one spot to another.

Will the 2024 Ford Ranger have a 6 foot bed?

There’s only one 2024 Ford Ranger bed size—a five-foot box—but that only means you won’t have to make any difficult decisions when you’re building your new truck. The 2024 Ford Ranger bed dimensions give you all the room you’ll need to take on any challenge that comes your way.

What is the difference between Ford Ranger SuperCab and SuperCrew?

Crew Cab. A SuperCab has four doors, but the front doors need to be open before you can open the smaller, rear-hinged back doors. The Crew Cab (aka, SuperCrew®) has four full-size doors that all open in the same direction.

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