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Where to Find a Toyota Service Centre in Perth?

Where to Find a Toyota Service Centre in Perth?

Toyota is one of the most well-known car brands in the world. It’s also the leading car brand in Australia for the last 16 years or so. As such, finding a Toyota service centre in Perth or any other place in Australia is quite easy.

One of the best selling points of Toyota cars is the reliability of their units. However, even if a vehicle is easy to maintain, they need to undergo car service now and then. Fortunately, Toyota has recently implemented the Toyota Service Advantage, which eliminates the guesswork on your car servicing efforts. ​

Consequently, Toyota implements a capped price servicing for their vehicles. Under this new program, prices for earlier car services or maintenance have set rates which are much cheaper than succeeding years.

In this post, we will discuss Toyota dealerships or any affiliated shops in Perth, Western Australia. We will also help you locate the nearest Toyota car service company in your area.

Can I Get My Toyota Serviced Anywhere?

If your vehicle is still under Toyota’s warranty, then it’s a no. It’s often recommended that you have your car serviced in a Toyota dealership or an affiliated workshop. Getting your vehicle serviced outside these establishments can void your warranty. Furthermore, only professional mechanics which are recognised by Toyota can stamp or sign your service manual.

However, if your vehicle is way past its warranty period, then you can have it checked and maintained in any shop that are experts in Toyota car care and repair.

Although, you may still want to get your vehicle serviced in a Toyota dealership because they often have the spare parts you need for repairs. Moreover, the Japanese carmaker offers several benefits to loyal customers who get their car serviced at a Toyota service centre.

What Does Toyota Service Include?

Much like other car brands, Toyota service comes in basic and full options. Basic options cover the most critical maintenance checklist to ensure your car is running smoothly and safely on the road.

On the other hand, full service usually goes more in-depth into your car’s mechanics. If you are worried that your vehicle might be developing some issues that need immediate care, we recommend getting a full service to identify this problem more thoroughly.

Below are some of the procedures you can expect from a basic car service from Toyota dealerships:

  • Tyre Check
  • Engine Oil Change
  • Transmission Check
  • Brake System Examination
  • Visual Inspection of the Car’s Underside
  • Spark Plug Replacement
  • Air Filter Examination
  • Checking for any Leaks

Additionally, a Toyota service centre may also offer free car wash and vacuum for free as part of their package.

Where are Toyota Cars Made for Perth?

Toyota has three service centres in Perth, namely:

  • City Toyota in 216 Newcastle Street Northbridge
  • City Toyota in 220 Newcastle Street (for used cars)
  • City Toyota in 165 Aberdeen Street Perth (offers mobile service)

You can also use their online locator to find a Toyota dealership near you

Toyota is one of the most dominant car brands, not only in Perth but all over Australia. They also have service centres around Western Australia that offer comprehensive car service. Hence, given their vast network of dealerships and service centres, there is no excuse not to have your Toyota car checked.

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