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What Car Owners Need to Know About Vehicle Servicing

What Car Owners Need to Know About Vehicle Servicing

Imagine yourself driving, trying to catch up on a very important meeting, and then suddenly your car breaks down. Yes, it is indeed frustrating. Imagine the hassle you have to go through taking your car to a service centre where you’re expected to spend a big chunk of money. We all know situations like these are inconvenient, but they are also inevitable. ​

This is why if you are a smart car owner, you have to maintain your car regularly. It is encouraged by automotive experts to have your vehicle serviced every twelve months, or when it reaches a mileage of 12,000. Having it serviced regularly does require time and effort, but just think of all the bigger car issues you can prevent.

If you’re not sure about what type of service is required for your car, you can check your manufacturer’s guidebook for details. You can also ask your local mechanics, friends or family.

What is a car service?

​Car servicing is a set of maintenance procedures that are carried out in intervals to maintain a smooth run. The vehicle manufacturers specify the service intervals. Some cars even display the due date for the next service on the instrument panel.

Look for a reliable car service centre.

We all want the best car service, and we can only get that from a reliable car service centre. Sometimes you can speculate the type of service you will be getting from that shop by just simply looking around it. Most of the time, you just have to take the risk of using their service and find it out yourself.

Finding a good car servicing centre can be quite challenging if you do not know how and what to look for. Always do your research and try asking people you know where they usually go to have their cars fixed and serviced. Even with that, you should still be careful in choosing where to go.

How often should I have my car serviced?

If you drive a modern car, it usually has a built-in computer which provides a warning through your dashboard when your car reaches its service interval. If you don’t have it, then you can check the servicing schedule in its logbook. You can also see it in the car’s manual pack. It has detailed information regarding the car’s servicing.

There are several things to consider before determining the frequency of your car servicing. First, identify the number of miles you drive. Next, check your logbook and determine how well your automobile is maintained. Lastly, consider the quality of the road you usually travel on.
What mechanics do during a car service:

  • Check all fluid levels.
  • Change the engine oil.
  • Change the oil filter if necessary.
  • Lubricate and grease the moving parts.
  • Lubricate and grease components.
  • Replace the air filter.
  • Replace the fuel filter.
  • Replace the cabin filter.
  • Check the tire conditions.
  • Check for ECU errors and take necessary actions.
  • Check if lights, wipers, etc. are still functioning.
  • Wash the vehicle’s exterior and clean its interior.

Are car services costly?

Maintenance costs go up as your car ages, but it starts at less than $100 per year. Plus, it actually lowers your car costs because you can prevent more expensive repairs in the future.
Mechanic rates also vary. But don’t get easily fooled by mechanics who have cheaper rates, mostly the quality of their work depends on their rate as well.

In research conducted by Canstar Blue, 81% of Aussies are afraid of getting ripped off by mechanics. Who wouldn’t? Well, aside from the 19%. Anyway, the point is that we want to get our money’s worth.

To get an estimate of how much you’re going to pay for a car service, consider these factors:

  • Make and model of your car
  • Your mechanic
  • Type of Service required
  • Mileage

What are some of the common maintenance works every vehicle needs?

As a vehicle owner, we can’t stress enough the importance of reading the owner’s manual. Here are some tips on how to properly maintain your car:

Have your car checked on a regular basis.

It is easy to perform the activities in your car maintenance checklist. The checklist is to be performed to assess the different parts and components of your car and figure out what to do next.

Familiarize the different warning light indicators.

Modern cars are designed for convenience. You don’t have to worry about missing out on anything that needs to be taken care of. Part of basic maintenance is to get to know the meaning of these light indicators on your instrument panel. These are some of the light indicators which may appear on your panel:

  • Check engine light
  • Service engine light
  • Electrical fault light
  • Brake warning light
  • ABS warning light
  • Coolant warning light
  • Oil warning light

Check tire pressures.

Tire pressure is one of the things which impact fuel economy. Comfort and handling can also be affected by the tire pressures so; ideally, this should be done weekly. There are already gadgets and devices which constantly monitor tire pressure so you might get those as well.

Rotate and check tire alignment.

To ensure your safety while driving, make sure the wheels are balanced and aligned. Ideally, the wheels should be rotated every 5,000 miles.

Check drive belts.

Drive belts transfer power from your crankshaft to the alternator, power steering pump, water pump, air conditioning compressor, air pump, and any other device that needs mechanical power to run.

Having your car maintained and serviced regularly increases its durability, reliability and lifespan. Never ignore issues no matter how small they are because they can cause breakdowns much likely. Not only that, did you know that cars with full-service history have a resale value of up to 30% more than the same unserviced make and model? So, if you’re planning to sell your investment in the future for whatever reason, it is a wise move to have it regularly checked.

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