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What Is A Car Service?

What Is A Car Service?

Ever wonder what happens to your automobile when it goes to a car service?

Much like our health, cars also need to be checked and undergo maintenance now and then. Automakers, like Toyota, also recommend that vehicles need to undergo car service every 3,000 to 5,000 miles depending on their make and model.

Unfortunately, there are still a significant number of car owners that don’t take car maintenance seriously. Perhaps it’s the lack of time or finances that prevent them from maintaining their car.

In some cases, the car owner might not have enough information about car maintenance that he hesitates to avail of this service. In this post, we will discuss what a car service is all about and why it’s worth doing in the long run.

What Gets Done in a Car Service?

When you take your vehicle into a car service outlet, you usually don’t get to see what the technicians and mechanics do. After all, most customers want to spend their time on other things than watching their car being tinkered or prepped for maintenance.

When professional mechanics check your car, they usually perform a strict procedure that is composed of checking all the crucial parts of your vehicle. Think of it like one of those complete medical examinations you take to ensure you’re in top shape.

Aside from inspecting your car, they also make adjustments or replacements to ensure it will run on its best condition. If they find any damage that requires your immediate attention, the technicians will inform you of your options.

What is Included in a Car Service in Perth?

Numerous workshops offer car maintenance in Perth and other locations in Western Australia. These companies usually have different car service packages. Some may provide more comprehensive maintenance with a long list of car parts to check, and if necessary, replace or repair.

Below are some of the things that are included in a basic car care service:

  1. Thorough visual inspection underneath the car for oil leaks, corrosion, and damaged rubber mounts
  2. Check the condition and level of oil and other fluids. Perform oil or fluid change when necessary.
  3. Tyre check which ensures tyre pressure is correct. Tyre threads are also checked. This may also include rotation and balancing of car’s wheels.
  4. Examine the brake system. Check the thickness of brake pads and the moisture content of brake fluid. Look for perished brake lines and recommend changing them when necessary.
  5. Perform a pressure test on the radiator to identify leaks.
  6. Inspect air filters and suggest replacing them if it’s too worn out.
  7. Check all belts for tension and wear. Test out spark plugs if they need replacement.
  8. Examine steering and wheel bearings for any damage.

Most car service companies also offer free car wash and vacuum. After the car checkup and maintenance is over, a qualified mechanic will stamp your car’s service manual.

How Much Should Car Service Cost?

Different workshops have varying prices for assessing and maintaining your vehicle. Several factors affect the cost of car service, such as:

  • The type of vehicle to be serviced (smaller vehicles usually cost less)
  • The mileage or total distance travelled by your car since it has left the showroom (older vehicles are a bit pricier)
  • The geographical location of their business
  • Type of service you availed; usually a choice between basic and full

In Perth, the cost of car service ranges between $150 to $300, depending on the factors mentioned above.


Getting your car serviced every once in a while can help you prolong its lifespan. Furthermore, it ensures that your vehicle will run safely on the road. If you think your car is experiencing any problems, even if it’s a minor one, its best to have it checked or serviced to prevent further complications.

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