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Can you put a supercharger on a big block Chevy?

Supercharging a Big Block Chevy
Yes, it is possible to put a supercharger on a big block Chevy. Supercharger kits are available for big block Chevys, offering significant power gains. These kits are designed to work with big block engines and can provide a substantial increase in horsepower.
The ProCharger Superchargers website offers kits specifically designed for Big Block Chevy (BBC) engines, providing legendary horsepower gains while still allowing the use of all accessories with a dedicated serpentine drive belt. Additionally, there are specific supercharger kits available for Big Block Chevys, such as the TorqStorm Single Charger Kit designed for mounting a supercharger to a Big Block Chevy engine.
Furthermore, there are accounts of successful supercharger installations on big block Chevy engines, with reports of significant power gains and successful performance testing.
In conclusion, it is indeed possible to put a supercharger on a big block Chevy, and there are various supercharger kits and installations available specifically for this purpose.

Can you supercharge a 454 big block?

For people like Jason Schaefer, making horsepower and enjoying performance is more about being the right mechanic than having the right billfold. He showcases that mentality in his 1929 Ford hot rod, which is equipped with a supercharged 454 big block Chevy engine. Find out what helps this thing rip down the track!

Can a carbureted engine be supercharged?

Yes. One of the largest issues is whether the carburetor is pre supercharger or post supercharger. If it is posted supercharger, the increased pressure will adversely affect the carburetor float bowl. For that reason, most carbureted blower setups have the carburetor on top of the supercharger, pre boost.

How much HP can a 454 big block handle?

In general, a properly tuned production automotive engine produces 1.0-1.5 hp per cubic inch. Where a particular engine falls depends on many factors, so we’ll use 1.3 hp per cubic inch as a middle figure. That means a 454 can support almost 600 hp (454 x 1.3 = 590.2).

Can a stock engine handle a supercharger?

Despite one person’s answer that you will blow up your engine (which is not true) you can safely put a supercharger on a totally stock engine as long as the supercharger is set up to produce an amount of boost that is compatible with your stock engine’s compression ratio.

How much HP does a supercharger add to a 350?

Connecting your supercharger to the engine intake can add around 50-100 horsepower. On the other hand, a turbocharger can add around 70-150 horsepower.

Will a supercharger hurt my transmission?

Not if it is in good condition. Most transmissions are capable of receiving much more torque than the engine puts out anyway. It is the engine that is most likely to suffer due to increased combustion pressures.

How much HP does a supercharged 454 have?

900+ hp
This CBM engine is Supercharged, it puts out 900+ hp @ 6800 RPM’s and 875 ft-lbs of torque using 10lbs of boost. It has a compression ratio of 9.1.

Can a stock 350 Chevy handle a supercharger?

Yes, it is possible to supercharge a stock engine, including a stock 350 Small Block Chevy (SBC).

Can you supercharge a 350 engine?

Can you supercharge a 350 small block? – Quora. Yes, if you want to spend enough money, there are plenty of people in the hot rod car business who can put a super charger on a Chevy v8. It’s not a job for the AVERAGE back yard mechanic. But you will get more bang for your dollar by going some other route.

How much HP will a supercharger add?

50 to 100 horsepower
Q. How much power do the superchargers and turbochargers increase in an engine? A supercharger can increase an engine’s power by 50 to 100 horsepower. On the other hand, a turbocharger can increase an engine’s power by 70 to 150 horsepower.

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