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Does Ford Explorer have cruise control?

Ford Explorer and Cruise Control
Yes, the Ford Explorer does have cruise control. However, it’s important to note that there are different types of cruise control available for the Ford Explorer, depending on the trim level and optional packages.
The basic suite of safety features, called Ford Co-Pilot360, is included in all Ford Explorers. However, adaptive cruise control is only included with the Ford Co-Pilot360 Assist+ package, which comes standard on the Explorer ST-Line and higher trim levels. It is not available on the Explorer base or XLT trim levels.
To use cruise control in a Ford Explorer, you can follow these steps:
1. When your vehicle speed is greater than 20 mph, activate cruise control by pressing the ON button on the cruise control switch located on the steering wheel.
2. Drive to your desired speed and press the SET button to set the cruise control speed.
3. You can change the set speed by pressing the SET button to adjust in small increments or by pressing and holding either button to change in large increments. Release the button when you reach the speed you prefer.
4. To cancel cruise control, press the CANCEL button or apply the brakes.
It’s important to note that adaptive cruise control uses advanced radar and camera technology to automatically adjust the speed of your vehicle to maintain a set distance from the vehicle ahead of you. It can slow down and speed up based on the traffic conditions.
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How do I know if a car has cruise control?

The most obvious way to see if your car has adaptive cruise control is to look on the steering wheel (or sometimes on a stalk behind the wheel). Buttons and switches marked ‘Cruise’, ‘Cancel’, ‘Res +’ and ‘Set –’ are tell-tale signs of a cruise control system, along with a digital display on the instrument panel.

Which Ford Explorer has adaptive cruise control?

2023 Ford Explorer
The 2023 Ford Explorer will also come standard with an adaptive cruise control feature that allows the car to automatically maintain a safe following distance and brake or accelerate as needed if traffic slows down or speeds up unexpectedly.

Does the 2016 Ford Explorer have adaptive cruise control?

Rear park-assist sensors and a reversing camera are standard for the XLT and Limited, respectively, and options include a blind-spot monitoring system with cross-traffic alert, a lane-keeping system, adaptive cruise control, collision-warning system with Brake Support, and inflatable rear seat belts that help cushion …

Do Ford Explorers have Adaptive Cruise Control?

The 2023 Ford Explorer will also come standard with an adaptive cruise control feature that allows the car to automatically maintain a safe following distance and brake or accelerate as needed if traffic slows down or speeds up unexpectedly.

Where is the cruise control on a Ford Explorer?

steering wheel
The first step in using cruise control in your Ford car is to locate the cruise control button. The button is usually located on the steering wheel, on the right side of the buttons.

What Fords have cruise control?

Here’s a list of newer Ford vehicles that have standard or optional Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control:

  • 2021 Ecosport.
  • 2021 Escape.
  • 2021 Bronco Sport.
  • 2021 Bronco.
  • 2021 Explorer.
  • 2021 Mustang Mach-E.
  • 2021 Expedition.
  • 2021 Mustang.

How do you set cruise control on a 2018 Ford Explorer?

You’ve got the adaptive cruise control feature. Now by using the steering wheel again these up and down buttons here I could choose just how far away I want to be from my vehicle in front of me.

Does a 2018 Ford Explorer have cruise control?

Explorer makes it so easy.
The available Ford Safe & Smart® Package has features that do everything from alerting you to unintentional lane drifting to allowing you to set cruise control and select the speed and distance you want to maintain from the vehicle in front of you.

Why is the cruise control not working on my Ford Explorer?

The most common reasons a Ford Explorer cruise control isn’t working are failed control module, sensor or switch issues, or throttle actuation problems.

How do I activate cruise control?

To use cruise control, you can typically press buttons on your steering wheel to activate the system, set your speed, adjust your speed up or down within the system, and deactivate the system. Using cruise control lets you set a speed for your car to maintain even if you take your foot off the gas.

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