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Does Ford Flex have inflatable seat belts?

Ford Flex and Inflatable Seat Belts
The Ford Flex does indeed have inflatable seat belts available as an option for the outboard-rear-seat passengers. This technology deploys in a crash, with a tubular airbag “unzipping” from the seams of the seat belt across the occupant’s chest. The inflatable belt is noticeably thicker than a conventional seatbelt and deploys in milliseconds when a crash occurs, distributing crash force energy across five times more of the rider’s torso than a traditional belt.
The inflatable seat belts are found in the rear outboard seats only and are designed to better distribute crash forces across the torso, reducing head, neck, and chest injuries for rear-seat passengers compared to regular seat belts. Ford has stated that the inflatable seat belt technology is compatible with car seats, but it is recommended to check with the car-seat manufacturer before using them to install a car seat.
It’s important to note that not all car seat manufacturers have approved the use of inflatable seat belts with their car seats or booster seats. Therefore, it’s crucial to check the car seat’s owner’s manual for more information and to ensure compatibility.
In summary, the Ford Flex does offer inflatable seat belts as an option for the outboard-rear-seat passengers, providing added protection to rear seat passengers in the event of a crash.

What Ford models have inflatable seat belts?

Which automakers used inflatable seat belts? Ford rolled out inflatable seat belts with the 2011 model year of the Explorer. The devices eventually were made optional on many other Ford and Lincoln vehicles, including the popular Ford Escape and Explorer SUVs, the F-150 pickup truck, and Lincoln MKT and Navigator SUVs.

How do you inflate an inflatable seatbelt?

Make sure to insert the tongue in a straight in motion to the buckle. This will help ensure the inflation mechanism lines up and that it inflates properly if needed. If you’re in an accident.

When did Ford start installing seat belts?

In 1955 (as a 1956 package), Ford offered lap-only seat belts in the rear seats as an option within the Lifeguard safety package. In 1967, Volvo started to install lap belts in the rear seats. In 1972, Volvo upgraded the rear seat belts to a three-point belt.

What’s the point of an inflatable seat belt?

The inflatable seat belts have two advantages: First, they spread the crash force over a wider area of the body, potentially reducing the risk of injury to the chest. Second, deployment of the bag tightens the belt, reducing forward movement and reducing the potential for head injury.

How do Ford inflatable seat belts work?

After deployment, the belt remains inflated for several seconds before dispersing its air through the pores in the airbag. Inflatable safety belts are compatible with child safety seats. Because inflatable belts are not as large as traditional front airbags, they can fill at a lower pressure and at a slower rate.

Can inflatable seat belts be removed?

While the inflatable seat belt is an upgrade option, once they are installed you CANNOT have them removed. If you do have inflatable seatbelts and do not have an approved car seat you may install using your LATCH.

Are inflatable car seats legal?

A1: Yes! Inflatable booster seats are crash tested. And they meet all of the same regulations in the United States and the European Union that typical booster seats have to meet. Q2: What age can children use them?

Are inflatable seatbelts safe?

Inflatable seat belts are not inherently dangerous, as the technology is safer than the regulation belts found in many rear seats. However, if you own a child car seat, you may want to look at your car seat owner’s manual to see if it is compatible with them.

Which car seats can be used with inflatable seat belts?

All models of rear-facing-only car seats can be used with inflatable seat belts, but only when installed without the base; all models of convertible, multimode and combination seats can also be used with inflatable seat belts, but do not use the built-in shoulder belt lock-off if one is available.

How do I know if I have inflatable seat belts?

Two characteristics can help you recognize an inflatable rear seat belt. One is the double-thick strap, which conceals the small airbag inside. The other is the rounded belt buckle with a unique, solid metal connector. You’ll see the words “Inflatable Belt” stitched on the belt in Ford vehicles with the feature.

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