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Does Ford have a recall on backup cameras?

Yes, Ford has had recalls on backup cameras. In 2020, Ford issued a recall for multiple 2020 model year vehicles due to faulty backup cameras. The backup cameras may occasionally go blank or show a distorted image while in use, which could lead to a crash. The recalled vehicles include Ford F-150, Ranger, and Super Duty trucks; Ford Edge, Escape, Expedition, and Explorer; Lincoln Corsair and Nautilus SUVs; Ford Mustang coupes and convertibles; and Ford Transit vans. The problem is caused by a malfunction in a circuit board that’s part of the backup camera, and Ford dealers will replace the camera free of charge.
In addition to the 2020 recall, there have been subsequent recalls related to backup cameras. In 2023, Ford recalled 422,000 sport utility vehicles, including 2020-2023 Ford Explorer, Lincoln Aviator, and 2020-2022 Lincoln Corsair SUVs with a 360-degree camera. The video output may fail, preventing the rear view camera image from displaying. In 2021, Ford recalled over 382,000 newer Ford Explorer, Lincoln Corsair, and Lincoln Aviator SUVs to fix faulty backup camera software. The camera image may be interrupted, and the in-car screen may display a solid blue image instead. There have been 17 crashes and 2,115 warranty claims related to this problem.
It’s important to note that these recalls may not cover all Ford vehicles or all model years. If you’re concerned about your specific vehicle, you can visit the Ford website at www.ford.com/support/recalls to learn more about any recalls that may apply to your vehicle.

What is the Ford backup camera problem?

The Backup Camera Recall:
Over 383,000 Ford SUVs are being recalled in the U.S. because the touch screens may not display a camera image when backing up. The Ford Backup Camera recall covers certain 2020 to 2023 Ford Explorers and Lincoln Aviators, and some 2020 to 2022 Lincoln Corsairs.

How do I fix my back camera problem?

How to Fix It When the Android Camera Isn’t Working

  1. Close the app.
  2. Turn on the Camera access tile.
  3. Update the app that’s having problems.
  4. Close any other app that might be using the camera.
  5. Reboot your device.
  6. Check app permissions.
  7. Clear the app cache.
  8. Delete the app, and then install it again.

Is Ford taking $270 million charge to replace rear cameras in new recall?

Ford to Replace Rear Cameras in New Recall, Take $270 Million Charge. Sept. 1, 2023, at 9:27 a.m. WASHINGTON (Reuters) -Ford Motor said on Friday it will recall 169,000 U.S. vehicles to replace rearview cameras and update software and is taking a $270 million charge to address the callback.

What models of Ford are being recalled?


  • 24S10: 2023-2024 Ford Bronco®
  • 24S07: 2021-2022 Ford E-Series®
  • 24S06: 2018-2020 Ford Expedition®
  • 24S05: 2023-2024 Ford Transit®

What causes reverse camera to stop working?

Damaged Hardware
One of the most common reasons for receiving blurry images or for a rear vision camera to stop working completely is related to hardware damage. If the lens, stabilizer, or any other component is broken, then you will experience problems.

What is the Ford backup camera lawsuit?

What Ford Claim is the Issue with 360 Degree Camera. Ford claims, in the most recent recall, that the 360-degree cameras had image processing module software issues. Ford also claims the 360-degree camera screens may turn black or blue due to poor wiring retention and the camera’s hardware.

What is the latest recall on Ford vehicles?

Ford recalled certain 2023-2024 Ford Transit vehicles for issues with the rear axle, according to an NHTSA notice posted Tuesday. Roughly 77,584 cars were included in the recall, which concerns an inadequate amount of rear axle lubricant, which can cause wheel lock-up and driveshaft separation.

What models did Ford recall?


  • 24S10: 2023-2024 Ford Bronco®
  • 24S07: 2021-2022 Ford E-Series®
  • 24S06: 2018-2020 Ford Expedition®
  • 24S05: 2023-2024 Ford Transit®

What is the recall on Ford backup cameras?

That is why we are issuing a recall on 360-Degree Camera system and Rear View Camera on the 2020–2023 Ford Explorer® SUV. When the vehicle is placed in Reverse — or when the 360-degree view is selected — the SYNC® screen may intermittently display an image of blue or black.

Is there a class action lawsuit against Ford?

A Ford 10R80 transmission class action lawsuit filed earlier in April alleges that at least five models equipped with 10-speed transmissions experience jerking, harsh shifting, lunging, clunking, hesitation, and sudden loss of power.

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