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Does Ford still make the E-Series vans?

Ford E-Series Vans Production
Yes, Ford still produces the E-Series vans, but only as a cutaway/stripped chassis form, as the model was discontinued in passenger/cargo van form in 2014, replaced by the Transit . The E-Series has had a 59-year production run, making it one of the longest-running Ford models, with production continuing from 1960 to the present, although in chassis form only since 2015. The E-Series includes a variety of full-size vans and has been used for various purposes, from basic delivery vans to overlanding explorers.
Current E-Series Models
The current E-Series models include the E-450 Dual-Rear-Wheel Cutaway, featuring a 7.3L V8 Gas V8 Engine and Ford Torqshift Six-speed Automatic Transmission. It also offers various features such as programmable upfitter interface module, high-capacity upfitter switches, and driver-assist technology package, including adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, automatic high-beam headlamps, and automatic emergency braking.
Availability and Usage
Although the E-Series vans are no longer in production as passenger/cargo vans, they are still widely available for purchase, making them a useful addition to fleets or for personal use. The E-Series vans have been popular for various purposes, including camper van conversions, motorhomes, and overland builds, showcasing their versatility and enduring popularity.
Longevity and Engine Options
E-Series vans are known for their durability, with some reaching up to 300,000 miles before experiencing critical breakdowns. They are available with both diesel and gasoline engine options, offering flexibility for different usage needs.
In summary, Ford continues to produce the E-Series vans in cutaway/stripped chassis form, offering a range of models with various features and options. The E-Series vans have a long history of production and have been widely used for different purposes, showcasing their enduring popularity and versatility.

Did Ford discontinue the E-Series van?

Along with the cargo and passenger van styles, Ford also produced the E-series as a cutaway van and a stripped chassis type, which is a chassis with no bodywork. The E-series vans were the top-selling models in the United States between 1980 and 2015 with the model line’s discontinuation.

What is the difference between a Ford e150 e250 or e350?

The Basic Difference:
The higher the number, the more weight the van can haul and the heavier duty it is.

What year did Ford stop making vans?

Ford retires its small van, the Transit Connect, in 2023 after compact commercial sales sink. Ford produces a vehicle that’sperfect fit for the daily lives of most Americans.

How long do Ford E-Series vans last?

It’s that kind of wear that does damage that goes beyond the kind of repair included in “good maintenance.” I’d say somewhere in the 200k – 250k miles range for all but the most die-hard hangers-oners.

How much is a Ford E van?

Ford’s new E-Transit electric pane van range starts from £42,695, has a range of up to 196 miles. Prices have been announced for the all-electric Ford E-Transit, and the new large van is set to be one of the most competitively priced large electric vans on the market.

Do they still make Ford Econoline?

Now in continuous production for 59 years, Ford E-Series is available in cutaway and stripped chassis models that are used for applications like shuttle buses, ambulances and small RVs.

What was the last year of the Ford Econoline van?

Ford retired the E-Series passenger and cargo vans after 2014, replacing them with the Ford Transit. As of current production, the E-Series remains offered exclusively in cutaway and stripped-chassis configurations.

How many miles per gallon does a Ford E250 get?

2013 Ford E250 Van FFV

EPA Fuel Economy Driver MPG Greenhouse Gas Emissions (tailpipe)
Gas & Electric 88 MPGe combined city/hwy .0 gal/100 mi of gas + 37 kWh/100 mi Reg. Gas 38 MPG combined city/hwy 2.6 gal/100 mi 72.2 129 grams/mile
20 miles Elec + Gas All Elec: 0-19 mi 550 miles Total Range

What is the new Ford van called?

2024 Ford Transit®
2024 Ford Transit® Full-Size Cargo Van | Available Models | Ford.com.

When was the Ford e350 discontinued?

The Ford E-350 is a Full Size Van in the Ford E-Series Lineup and It’s available in a Chassis Cab, Cutaway Van, Stripped Chassis, Passenger Van and/or Cargo Van. It was replaced by Ford Transit 350 Passenger and Cargo Vans in 2015.

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