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Does the Ford Transit Connect have transmission problems?

Ford Transit Connect Transmission Problems
The Ford Transit Connect has experienced transmission problems, particularly with certain models and model years. Some of the reported issues include:
1. Faulty Shift Cable and Shifter Bushing: Ford has issued a recall for 2013-2021 Ford Transit Connect cargo and passenger vans equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission due to a faulty shift cable that could fail to park the car. This issue applies only to models equipped with a 2.5-liter inline-4 with a 6-speed automatic transmission, and newer models with the 8-speed automatic are not included in the recall.
2. Transmission Failure and Shifting Problems: Owners have reported transmission failure, shifting problems, and issues with the OSS sensor sending intermittent signals. Some have experienced complete transmission replacements at relatively low mileage, such as 80,000 miles, and instances of vans needing a whole new transmission at 49,000 miles.
3. Open Recall for 2019 and 2020 Models: For the 2019 and 2020 models, there is an open recall for missing or loose bolts on the start-stop accumulator endcap, resulting in transmission fluid loss, which can lead to overheating and eventual transmission failure.
4. Common Problems Across Model Years: Aside from the recall, some 2013-2021 Transit Connects have been reported to have transmission issues, including instances of the vehicle rolling away when in park mode.
5. High Repair Costs: CarComplaints.com lists the 2012, 2013, and 2020 Transit Connect as the worst model years for transmission problems, with repair costs averaging $5,000 and occurring at around 86,000 miles.
It’s important to note that regular maintenance and fluid changes can help maintain the transmission’s performance, but these reported issues indicate potential concerns with certain Ford Transit Connect models and model years.

What is the average life of a Ford Transit Connect?

What is Ford Transit Connect lifespan? The estimated lifespan of a Ford Transit Connect is 157,000mi, before reaching the life expectancy upper limit. Fuel type is a major factor when looking into a vehicles lifespan/life expectancy.

Which Transit van is most reliable?

Top 10 most reliable vans

  • Mercedes Sprinter.
  • VolksWagen Transporter.
  • Nissan NV200.
  • Mercedes Vito.
  • VolksWagen Caddy.
  • Vauxhall Vivaro.
  • Ford Transit.
  • VolksWagen Crafter.

What is the problem with the Ford Transit Connect van?

Early in 2021, Ford issued a recall for over 192,000 2013-2021 Transit Connects due to their high probability of rolling away when in park mode. Aside from the 2012 redesign, some 2013-2021 Transit Connects have also been reported to have transmission issues.

Is Ford Connect a good van?

Go for a top-spec Transit Connect in Limited, Sport or Active trims, and the 118bhp diesel is your only option, and is a punchy performer. Overall, the Transit Connect is a fantastic van to drive, and offering Sport trim is definitely appropriate.

Do Transit Connects have transmission problems?

One of the most common problems with the Ford Transit Connect is transmission issues. The transmission is responsible for transferring power from the engine to the wheels and any problem with it can result in significant performance issues.

What kind of transmission is in the Transit Connect?

The only transmission type available is the 6-speed 6F-35 automatic.

What to look for when buying a used Ford Transit Connect?

Take time to:

  • Inspect tyres for splits, bulges or uneven wear on the treads.
  • Check the load area.
  • Ensure basics such as the door handles and radio work.
  • Get a feel for the brakes to rule out any squeaking or grinding noises.
  • Seatbelts all need to be working for the van to be road legal.

How reliable is the Ford Transit Connect?

The Ford Transit Connect Reliability Rating is 3.0 out of 5.0, which ranks it 5th out of 21 for commercial vans. The average annual repair cost is $926 which means it has poor ownership costs. The frequency and severity of repairs are both fairly average when compared with all other vehicles.

Is the Ford Transit Connect a good minivan?

That said, it isn’t the most fuel efficient offering in its class, its base engine is gutless, and while it’s easy to maneuver, the suspension delivers a bouncy ride. The Transit Connect isn’t the perfect automotive specimen, but it is nonetheless a highly useful workhorse.

What type of transmission is in a Ford Transit Connect?

Both engines are paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The Transit Connect Wagon is front-wheel drive.

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