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Does Toyota use Fuyao glass?

Based on the search results, there is evidence that Toyota uses Fuyao glass. Fuyao Glass is recognized by top automobile manufacturers, including Toyota, for providing superior OEM service globally and supplying automotive glass for new vehicles . Fuyao Glass America, a subsidiary of Fuyao Group, has expanded its manufacturing capabilities in the U.S., which allows for faster order fulfillment. However, it is important to note that Fuyao glass may not be the only glass supplier for Toyota, as Toyota may also source glass from other manufacturers.
Please keep in mind that the information provided is based on the search results and may not be exhaustive.

Is Fuyao an OEM?

Since 1987, parent company Fuyao Group, has been producing outstanding automotive glass for the OEM & ARG markets. Now a global company and world leader in auto glass manufacturing, Fuyao’s expansion into the U.S. marks a return to the midwest’s manufacturing roots.

Does Safelite use Fuyao Glass?

Safelite uses Chinese manufactured glass from Fuyao who has their own glass manufacturing plant in the US as well as China.

Who uses Fuyao glass?

General Motors, Ford, BMW, Honda, Bentley and more all use Fuyao glass in their newly manufactured automobiles.

What is Toyota Smart Glass?

With smart glass, drivers and passengers can adjust the level of light and heat entering the car with the touch of a button. This greatly enhances comfort and makes the driving experience more enjoyable. It also reduces the need for window shades or blinds, thus providing unobstructed views of the surroundings.

Is Pilkington glass an OEM for Toyota?

In the case of glass, an OEM supplier such as Pilkington, sells glass direct to vehicle manufacturers such as General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, BMW, Honda, Toyota, and many others.

Who is the largest auto glass company in the United States?

Safelite® Autoglass Safelite®
Safelite® Autoglass
Safelite® was founded at a single location in Wichita, Kansas in 1947 and has grown to become the largest vehicle glass specialist company in the United States with more than 720 locations nationwide and serving six million customers every year.

Who makes Toyota’s glass?

AGC Glass
AP Tech (the subsidiary of AGC Glass) makes the windshields for the Toyota brand today. The windshields are also Nippon Safety brands that are a Pilkington company subsidiary. Since Toyota is a Japanese product, Japanese manufacturers are used.

Who is the largest glass manufacturer in the United States?

Largest Glass Manufacturers in the U.S.

Top Companies City Number of Employees
Gentex Corp. Zeeland 5,000
Fuyao Glass America, Inc. Moraine 2,300
Pella Corp. Pella 2,224
Viracon Owatonna 2,000

Who makes Fuyao windshields?

Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co., Ltd.
It is one of the largest auto glass producers in the world, with customers including large international automobile manufacturers such as Ford, General Motors, Subaru, and Volkswagen Group. It was established in 1987 as a joint venture company and is headquartered in Fuqing, Fujian.

What is the OEM for Toyota?

Original Equipment Manufacturer
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are made by the car manufacturer, in this case, Genuine Toyota Parts and are the exact parts that your Toyota vehicle was built with.

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