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How do you identify Ford Y-Block?

Identifying a Ford Y-Block
To identify a Ford Y-Block engine, you can look for the following characteristics:
1. Introduction and Displacement: The Ford Y-Block was introduced in 1954 with a displacement of 239 cubic inches. In 1955, the displacement was increased to 272 cubic inches.
2. Bore and Stroke: The Y-Block had a bore of 3.500″ and a stroke of 3.100″. The 1954 Mercury vehicles had a 256 cubic inch version with a 3.625″ bore and 3.100″ stroke.
3. Distributor Location: The distributor of the Y-Block is located at the back of the engine and off to one side.
4. Valve Covers: The Y-Block’s valve covers are held on with two bolts through the top of the covers.
5. Block Identification Numbers: Block identification numbers are generally found on the side of the block above the oil filter on blocks cast at Cleveland (“CF” logo).
By considering these characteristics, you can identify a Ford Y-Block engine.

How do you identify a 312 Y-block?

  • 312 crankshafts typically have an identifying mark on the crankshaft flange. This cannot be seen if the engine is installed in the vehicle with an automatic transmission.
  • 312 main caps are always marked ECZ , all other Y-Block main cap are marked EBU. This is the only positive way to identify a 312 block.

What is a 292 Y-block?

The 292 in³ (4,778 cc) Y-Block was also introduced in 1955. The 292 shared the 3.3 in (83.82 mm) stroke of the 272 but with a larger 3.75 in (95.25 mm) bore. It was used in the Ford Thunderbird, 1959-60 Edsel, Mercury, and some high-end Ford cars.

How do I identify my Ford engine?

The tag is a series of numbers and letters etched in and used to decipher the year, make, and model of you engine. It is found underneath the bolts on the left or right side of the engine, near the front of the car. You can find the tag here on all six-cylinder engines made after 1964, and on some V8 engines.

What is engine block cast number?

Block casting numbers do not have any letters in them with the exception of FORD engines (ex. E4AE) and the metric model of the GM 4.3L (262 cid) which ends by 090M. For CHEVY engines, the block casting number is usually located on a ledge found at the rear of the block and has 6 to 8 digits.

Where is the Y-block casting number?

Y-Block Cylinder Head Casting Numbers
Cylinder head casting numbers can be found under the valve cover on early heads, between the exhaust ports on some heads or under the water passage to the intake manifold.

What size is the Ford Y-block engine?

Lincoln Y-block engine family

Displacement Bore Usage
279 39⁄16 in (90.5 mm) Ford heavy duty trucks
302 35⁄8 in (92.1 mm) Ford heavy duty trucks
317 34⁄5 in (96.5 mm) Lincoln and Ford HD trucks
332 34⁄5 in (96.5 mm) Ford heavy duty trucks

Where is the engine number on a Ford Y-block?

All blocks have this number. Block identification number generally on side of block above oil filter for blocks cast at Cleveland. Dearborn block I.D. number near distributor and above generator.

How do I identify my engine block?

But. If it’s a newer block. Like. The one in my Camaro. Here it’s a Vortech roller style block. It. Might be on the passenger side rear.

Who made the Y block?

Ford Motor Company
Ford Y-block engine

Ford Y-block V8
Manufacturer Ford Motor Company
Production 1954-1964,1980 South America

How can you tell a 292 from a 312?

Casting numbers on the block is reliable about 95% of the time.” “272/292 crank shaft flange with half moon cut out and smooth on the opposite side is one sure way to identify a 272/292 crank.” “312 C.I. crank main bearing cap is one sure way to identify a 312 engine.

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