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How do you match Ford paint?

Matching Ford Paint
To match Ford paint, you can follow these steps:
1. Find Your Vehicle’s Paint Code: Locate the paint code on your vehicle’s doorjamb label. The exterior paint code will be labeled as EXT PNT followed by two characters. Note: Older vehicles may have more than two characters.
2. Access FCSD Chemicals and Lubricants Quick Reference Charts: Scroll down until you see the TOUCH-UP PAINT heading and click on the PDF icon to the left of Motorcraft* Lacquer Touch-up Paints Cross Reference Chart. Once downloaded, open the PDF and search by the two-digit paint code for the Color Name and Motorcraft Service Part Number.
3. Purchase Touch-Up Paint: You can purchase touch-up paint from recommended manufacturers with a color match guarantee to ensure a perfect match to the Ford OEM paint .
4. Prepare Your Ford for Touch Up Paint: Ensure the temperature is over 50 degrees F, then wash the damaged paint on your Ford with soap and water. Use a wax and grease remover on the area. Place masking tape around the scratched Ford paint to protect the surrounding auto paint.
5. Apply Primer Before Painting Your Ford: If you have an unpainted surface on your Ford, like bare metal or plastic, apply primer before Ford touch up paint. Apply several thin coats of primer to the Ford paint you are going to repair.
6. Additional Tools: You may also need tools such as wax and grease remover cloth, sandpaper, and polishing compound for the touch-up paint job.
By following these steps, you can effectively match and apply touch-up paint to your Ford vehicle.

Does Ford touch up paint work?

You have your deep. Impact blue paint.

How do I find my Ford paint code?

Open the driver’s door locate the VIN label on the driver’s door jamb. Your paint code will be located underneath the barcode. The characters to the right of EXT pnt. Want all the knowledge products

How do I match my existing car paint?

You might need to take a part off of your car and bring it to an automotive paint supplier for them to color match it, just like you’d do with paint for your home. Some discontinued paint codes might actually match a color another manufacturer uses, or it might have been assigned a different, more current code.

How do I find the paint color of my Ford VIN?

As long as you provide the VIN, someone at Ford should be able to let you know your color code. You can call the Ford company at 1-800-392-3673. Make sure to call sometime between Monday and Friday, as the company is closed on weekends. Enter your VIN on a website.

How do I match my car paint with a VIN number?

If you can’t find the sticker or identify the necessary information, you may be able to use your VIN to get the information you need. Try calling your local dealership with the VIN; they should be able to look up your paint code in their database. Some websites may be able to take the VIN and give you the code.

Will VIN number tell me paint color?

You can call your dealer, give them your VIN, and ask for the paint code. Another option is searching for paint codes online using your VIN. Though your VIN won’t give you your car’s exact paint code or color, it’s a tool that will help you find it.

Can I use my VIN to find my paint color?

The VIN doesn’t list the paint code. Your vehicle’s VIN does not include paint code information. The paint code for your specific car is stated on the information sticker posted on the door frame of your vehicle. Now you know how to read your Vin code.

How to tell paint color from VIN Ford?

VIN tags contain a lot of information and numerous abbreviated headings. The paint code will be located underneath the barcode and may be prefixed by “EXT PNT,” which stands for exterior paint. Descriptions like Oxford White won’t be on the sticker; instead, it will be Z1 or M6887A/Z1.

How hard is it to match car paint?

The process of matching paint in a vehicle is basically an optical illusion. If a panel is not blended into the adjacent panels, there will always be a difference in hue, metallic, depth and tint. There has never been anyone in my 55 years of being in a body shop that has been able to match a color to a faded paint.

How do you match old paint with new?

Peel the painted drywall paper from the wall while trying not to damage the drywall itself. Once you get your sample, take it to your local paint store or a big-box retailer like The Home Depot or Lowe’s, and they will match the color using a spectrophotometer.

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