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How do you use a Chevy hands-free liftgate?

Using a Chevy Hands-Free Liftgate
To use a Chevy hands-free liftgate, follow these steps:
1. Opening the Liftgate
– Approach the liftgate with your key fob in your hand, pocket, or bag.
– The logo projection may automatically turn on as you get closer to the liftgate.
– Move your leg back and forth under the center of the rear bumper, below the license plate.
– Step back to give the liftgate space to open.
– The liftgate will open after a brief delay, and the rear lights will flash while a sound chimes to alert you that the liftgate is opening.
2. Closing the Liftgate
– To close the liftgate, you can use a kicking motion.
– Kick straight over the logo projection (or at the sensor for older vehicles).
– After a 2-second delay, the rear lights will flash and a sound will chime to alert you that the liftgate is closing.
3. Adjusting Liftgate Lift Height
– Some Chevy vehicles offer an adjustable liftgate height feature.
– To adjust the liftgate height, you can use the knob on the inside of the driver door or overhead console.
– Select the desired lift height from the available options, such as MAX (maximum height), three-quarters of the maximum height, or OFF (manual opening only).
Please note that the specific steps and features may vary depending on the Chevy model you have. For more detailed information, it is recommended to refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual or contact your local Chevy dealer.
I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

How do I activate my liftgate?

It. First approach the rear of your vehicle with your key fob in close proximity. As you get within six feet the logo projection turns on automatically. And will stay on for 60 seconds.

Why is my liftgate not working?

The most common liftgate issues can be traced back to the motor or motor start solenoid. If you hear a clicking noise when the switch is activated, more than likely you have a bad solenoid. Using a small jumper cable, bypass the solenoid by putting direct power to the motor to see if it will run.

What is the difference between hands-free liftgate and power liftgate?

As stated, a hands-free liftgate is just a power liftgate with the added feature of not having to use your hands to open your rear door. Much of the conveniences you have with a power liftgate can be found with a hands-free one.

Is hands-free liftgate worth it?

When you have your hands full, it’s frustrating to fumble and try to get your keys out or have to open the driver’s door and release the liftgate. With the hands-free liftgate, packing outdoor adventure gear, sports bags and snacks for weekend sports games, and groceries is remarkably easier and more convenient.

Why is my automatic liftgate not working?

A lift strut issue, a malfunctioning power hatch, and a bad switch or button are some of the common reasons why a power liftgate may malfunction. The buttons, fuses, and electrical connectors must be inspected to diagnose a power liftgate issue.

What does hands-free liftgate mean?

A hands-free liftgate is a smart feature that allows you to open and close your vehicle’s liftgate with a simple kick of your foot.

What is hands-free access tailgate?

The hands-free access power tailgate makes it easy to load an armful of cargo*. Simply kick your foot toward the sensor beneath the rear bumper to open the tailgate. Closing it is just as easy.

What is hands-free liftgate control?

Available Hands-Free Power Liftgate with logo projection and programmable height, if equipped, lets you open and close your liftgate with a simple kicking motion below the bumper. On some vehicles, an illuminated logo projection will appear on the ground to show you where to kick.

Where is the liftgate button?

Or anything else getting caught or hurt. In addition to the buttons on the liftgate. There’s an open close button on either the center console or to the left of the steering. Wheel. There’s also one

How do you use hands-free liftgate?

To close it you can kick your leg under the bumper. Again. Or simply push the button located on the bottom edge of the liftgate. Here. If you don’t want to use the hands-free capability.

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