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How many 2006 Ford GT were made?

According to the available search results, the production numbers for the 2005 and 2006 Ford GT models were not explicitly mentioned. However, it is stated that Ford made about 4,000 of them.

What is the rarest color Ford GT?

With only 154 Quicksilvers ever produced, Quicksilver is the rarest color produced in the Ford GT!

How much did a 2006 Ford GT sell for new?

Powered by a 550-horsepower V8, fitted with a six-speed manual transmission and capable of speeds in excess of three times the legal maximum in most states, the two-seat GT is an exotic car in everything but price, although its manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $150,000 puts it in exclusive company.

Is Ford GT a rare car?

The rarest Ford ever made is the 1967 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake, but there are other pretty rare and expensive Ford models like the GT, which is designed to deliver the kind of pure performance you have never seen in a Blue Oval car before.

What year was the fastest Ford GT?

Johnny Bohmer is claiming the title of fastest street-legal car in the world. His BADD GT, a 2006 Ford GT, topped 310 mph on the extralong runway at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

How many Ford GT are left?

This is your last chance to get a new Ford GT. There are only 250 left before they are gone forever. It’s the end of the line — quite literally — for the current generation Ford GT, which will see its final year in 2022. So far, 1,100 out of a total 1,350 cars have rolled.

How many Ford GT are produced?

And just like that, it’s gone: after six years and a (revised) total of 1,350 cars, we’ve finally come to the last 20 Ford GTs, otherwise known as the ‘familiar road car badge with a race car attached to it’.

What is the rarest Ford GT?

Most cars have their time in the spotlight and eventually fade over time, but the Ford GT40 is one of the most iconic cars to ever come out of America.

What is the most sought after Ford GT?

Only 343 GT Heritage Editions were built, all wearing the Gulf livery of the GT40s that secured victory in the ’68 and ’69 runnings of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. These have become the most desirable of the 2005–06 GTs, and trade hands for a healthy amount above the base car.

How much was a Ford GT in 2006?

2006 Ford GT

TRIM Original MSRP 5-Year Cost to Own
Base Coupe $149,995 N.A. / N/A

What is the rarest Ford model?

The 50 cars all in the teeth orange paintwork. The same as the original. There are some visual cues like the Saturn black spoiler.

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