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How many Ford Cortina XR6 were made?

Ford Cortina XR6 Production Quantity
The Ford Cortina XR6 was a limited production model, and only a specific number were manufactured. According to the information available, only 500 Ford Cortina XR6 TF (Team Ford) cars were made. These were essentially XR6s in exterior and interior Team Ford colors, which were blue and white.
The limited production quantity of the Ford Cortina XR6 makes it a rare and sought-after vehicle among enthusiasts and collectors.
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What was the American equivalent to the Ford Cortina?

But back in 1964, its USDM equivalent would be the Ford Fairlane. While the Fairlane was 5,002 mm (197“) long, hulking sedan riding on a 2,934 mm (115.5“) wheelbase, with a 2.8-litre straight six (145hp) as a base engine (a 4.7/289 c.i. V8 with 271hp was available), the Cortina was a different beast altogether.

Did Ford sell the Cortina in the US?

Ford in the United States imported both the Mark I and Mark II Cortina models. The Mark II was sold in the United States from 1967, achieving 16,193 cars sold in its first year. Sales of the Mark II in 1968 were 22,983. Sales in 1969 reached 21,496.

What is the rarest Ford Cortina?

UK’s rarest cars: 1971 Ford Cortina 1600L Mk3 Estate, one of fewer than 100 left. The Ford Cortina Mk3 belongs to a specific period of social history; one where many Britons regarded Blue Nun and After Eight Mints as the peak of sophistication.

How many Ford Cortinas were made?

Launched on September 21, 1962, the Cortina cost £573 in standard 1200 saloon guise and became an instant bestseller. It enjoyed a 20-year career in which 4.3-million examples were produced.

When was the XR6 discontinued?

The final Ford Falcon, a blue XR6, rolled off the production line on 7 October 2016.

Did Ford make a Cortina XR6?

Ford Cortina XR6 – 1981
Launched in 1981 to replace the previous Ford Cortina 30S sporting saloon in South Africa, the XR6 remained a unique model only sold in that market.

How many mk4 Cortina are left?

Throughout its production life, the Mk. 4 was the most popular new car in the United Kingdom. Despite this it is now the rarest of all Cortina’s with only about 200-250 examples left according to DVLA records. Scant rustproofing (much improved on the later Cortina 80/Mk.

What is the most rare Ford?

Only 12 GT40 roadster prototypes were built. As one of the finest and rarest examples of Ford’s iconic racing history, the 1965 GT40 Roadster Prototype commanded a staggering $7.6 million at an auction in 2019.

Was there a Ford XR6?

The ute variants included the base Falcon Ute, R6, XR6, XR6 Turbo and XR8. The XT is the base model of the FG Falcon range.

What is a Cortina XR6?

GOOD CONDITION, The XR6 was a sports version which used the Essex V6 engine and featured body aerofoils and sport seats. It was based on the series 5 Cortina 3l sedan and shared the ultra high standard of equipment with an all new 5 bar link rear suspension and improved rear brakes.

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