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How many Litres is a Ford Fiesta petrol tank?

Ford Fiesta Petrol Tank Capacity
The fuel tank capacity of a Ford Fiesta varies depending on the model year and specific version. However, the typical fuel tank capacity for a Ford Fiesta petrol model ranges from 40 to 45 liters.
So, the petrol tank capacity of a Ford Fiesta can be anywhere between 40 to 45 liters, depending on the specific model and year.
If you need more detailed information about a specific model or year, feel free to ask!

How many litres is a Ford Fiesta tank?

42 litres
Fiesta fuel tank capacity
The fuel tank capacity in the Ford Fiesta is 42 litres for both petrol and diesel models. This is the same in trims like the Vignale, ST-Line, Trend and Titanium, plus the Fiesta ST model.

How big is a 2014 Ford Fiesta gas tank?

12.0 galUsed 2014 Ford Fiesta – Specs & Features

Fuel & MPG
EPA city/highway MPG 28/36 MPG
EPA combined MPG 31 MPG
Range in miles (city/hwy) 336.0/432.0 mi.
Fuel tank capacity 12.0 gal.

What is the fuel tank capacity of a 2011 Ford Fiesta?

What is the fuel tank capacity of Ford Fiesta Classic 2011? Ford Fiesta Classic 2011 fuel tank capacity is 45 litres.

How many Litres is a 2011 Ford Fiesta?

The entry-level Fiesta CL sedan has come in for some handy upgrades, with the 1.6-litre 89kW/151Nm four-cylinder petrol as the base engine.

How many liters is a 2012 Ford Fiesta?

1.6 liter
The Fiesta is powered by a 1.6 liter four-cylinder engine.

How many liters is a Ford Fiesta 2013?

S 4dr Sedan 2013 Ford Fiesta Specs

Base engine size 1.6 liters
Base engine type I-4
Horsepower 120 hp
Horsepower rpm 6,350

What is the range of the Ford Fiesta full tank?

With a 42-litre petrol tank, the theoretical maximum range is 443 miles though we’d expect between 300 and 350 miles in the real world, largely thanks to that addictive exhaust note.

What is size of gas tank for Ford Fiesta?

12.4 gal
334.8/434.0 mi. 12.4 gal.

What litre is a Ford Fiesta?

POWER & PERFORMANCE. The 1.5-litre EcoBoost petrol engine delivers 200 PS with 290 Nm of torque .

How many gallons does a Ford Fiesta take?

12.4 gal
Fuel & MPG
347.2/446.4 mi. 12.4 gal.

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