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How much is a 1960 Ford Ranchero worth?

Value of a 1960 Ford Ranchero
Based on the information available, the 1960 Ford Ranchero has an average auction sale value of $10,915.00 (USD). Additionally, there are listings for 1960 Ford Rancheros for sale with prices starting as low as $8,795 and as high as $29,998. The value of a specific 1960 Ford Ranchero can vary based on factors such as its condition, mileage, and any unique features it may have.
It’s important to note that the value of classic cars can fluctuate based on market demand and the specific condition of the vehicle. If you’re considering purchasing or selling a 1960 Ford Ranchero, it’s advisable to consult with classic car experts or appraisers to get a more accurate assessment of its current value.

How much is a 1960 Ford Falcon worth?

The Ford Falcon 1960 prices range from $1,380 for the basic trim level Wagon Falcon base to $4,070 for the top of the range Wagon.

How many miles per gallon did the 1960 Ford Falcon get?

Based on data from 3 vehicles, 39 fuel-ups and 5,639 miles of driving, the 1960 Ford Falcon gets a combined Avg MPG of 14.48 with a 0.91 MPG margin of error.

What was the last year of the Ford Ranchero?

The Ford Ranchero is a coupe utility that was produced by Ford between 1957 and 1979. Unlike a standard pickup truck, the Ranchero was adapted from a two-door station wagon platform that integrated the cab and cargo bed into the body. A total of 508,355 units were produced during the model’s production run.

Is Ford bringing back the Ranchero?

2024 Ford Ranchero Prices
As we know the next new Ford Ranchero pickup truck is a brand new look for America. and it also includes more safety and convenience than most pickup trucks currently available, so prices will start between $20,000 and $24,000 in the US. And Ford Motors has also confirmed this fact.

How rare are Ford Rancheros?

Ranchero production was modest, with 508,355 sold in 22 years. The best years were 40,334 in 1972 and 45,741 in ’73, but sales were usually half that. The rarest model is 1958, when only 9950 left the factory—fewer than half the 21,696 sold in the launch year.

How much is a Ford Ranchero?

A: The average price of a Ford Ranchero is $22,782.

Is a Ford Falcon rare?

The XY Falcon is among the most sought-after muscle cars in Australia, but they’re getting global attention these days. And enthusiasts are willing to pay serious dinero to take one home. A 1971 XY Falcon GTHO – an exceedingly rare variant of the GT sedan – fetched over $1 million at auction.

How many 1960 Ford Rancheros were made?

The Falcon Ranchero cargo capacity was 6 feet in length, and with a gross weight of just 800 pounds. The Falcon sold over half a million units the first year of production, and 21,027 of them were Falcon Rancheros.

How much is a Ford Ranchero worth today?

Q: What is the average sale price of a Ford Ranchero? A: The average price of a Ford Ranchero is $22,933.

What size engine is in the 1960 Ford Ranchero?

For 1960, the Ford Ranchero moved from the full-size Ford Fairlane platform into the compact Falcon series. The base engine was a 144 cubic-inch overhead-valve six-cylinder unit offering 90 horsepower and mated to a three-speed manual transmission.

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