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How much is the Ford Explorer in the UK?

The price of the Ford Explorer in the UK can vary depending on the specific model and any additional features or options chosen. Unfortunately, the search results provided do not include specific pricing information for the Ford Explorer in the UK. However, I can provide you with some general information about the Ford Explorer.
The Ford Explorer is a popular SUV that offers spaciousness, practicality, and innovative features. It is available in both gasoline and electric versions. The all-electric Ford Explorer is expected to be released in the UK later this year as part of Ford’s range of all-electric SUVs.
For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information, I recommend visiting the official Ford UK website or contacting a Ford dealership in your area. They will be able to provide you with the specific pricing details and any current promotions or offers that may be available.
Please note that prices may vary depending on factors such as location, trim level, optional features, and any applicable taxes or fees.

How much is the Ford Explorer electric in Germany?

Preis: Ford Explorer Elektro (2023) ab rund 45.000 Euro.

Why are explorers so expensive?

Why is it that Ford dealers are adding $2500 or more to the window sticker on the new 2021-22 Ford Explorer? The simple economic law of supply vs demand. They are adding to the sticker price because demand is outstripping inventory AND people are willing to pay it.

Is Ford popular in Europe?

In 2023, the number of Ford-badged vehicles sold to customers throughout Europe amounted to some 518,400.

Is Ford Explorer sold in Europe?

Explorer is the first in a wave of innovative new electric vehicles from Ford and forges the way for a complete reinvention of the Ford brand in Europe. The mid-size crossover has seats for five across two rows and is fully equipped to set families on the road to adventure.

How much is the Ford Explorer EV in Europe?

about $48,250
Those plans include 600,000 EVs a year in Europe by 2026. Ford said the Explorer EV will be offered in two trims: Explorer and Explorer Premium, with a starting price of less than 45,000 euros (about $48,250) when sales launch later this year.

What is the average cost of a Ford Explorer?

The price of the 2025 Ford Explorer starts at $41,220 and goes up to $56,800 depending on the trim and options. With the mid-level Limited model gone for 2025, we think the ST-Line makes the most sense.

What is the most sold EV in Europe?

In a surprising turn of events, the Tesla Model Y has secured its place as Europe’s best-selling car for the year 2023. Preliminary data from market research specialists at Dataforce reveals that the American electric vehicle has established a solid lead over its closest competitor, the Dacia Sandero.

Is Ford discontinuing the Explorer?

Ford discontinued the Explorer Hybrid for the 2024 model year and with the announcement of the 2025 Explorer’s mid-cycle refresh, it looks like the Explorer Hybrid won’t be available. The Explorer Hybrid arrived for the 2020 model year and was available until 2023.

What is Ford called in Europe?

Ford of Europe

Company type Subsidiary (GmbH)
Parent Ford Motor Company (1967–present)
Divisions TrustFord
Subsidiaries Henry Ford & Son Ltd Ford-Werke GmbH Ford of Britain Ford España Ford France Ford Italia Ford Romania Ford Otosan (41%)
Website ford.eu

How much is the Ford Explorer in China?

Ford Explorer: Specifications, prices

▼ Price in China (yuan) 309.800 309.800
Price in China (USD) 43.060 43.060
▼ Body SUV SUV
Length (mm) 5075 5075
Width (mm) 2004 2004
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