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Is Ford cancelling the Transit Connect?

Yes, Ford is cancelling the Transit Connect in the United States after the 2023 model year. The decision to cancel the Transit Connect was made as part of Ford’s efforts to reduce global manufacturing cost and complexity, alongside decreased demand for the compact van segment [[4]] [[8]]. Ford currently imports the Transit Connect from Spain and had plans to move production to Mexico, but those plans have been cancelled [[4]].
Please note that the Transit Connect will continue to be built in Spain and sold in European markets.

Is Ford Transit Connect a reliable van?

The Ford Transit has leapt to third place in the most reliable van index, reflecting the changes. Further boosting Ford’s score is the addition of the compact Transit Connect into seventh place, after not ranking last year. The best-selling Transit Custom also moved up the table, snatching ninth place.

What are the changes in the Ford Transit 2024?

An eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive will also be available. The options will be different for 2024. For example, the dual-note horn will only be available on the Ambulance and School Bus packages. As for the privacy glass, it should be available for inclusion on all medium and high roof versions.

Will there be a hybrid Ford Transit Connect?

POWERFULLY PRODUCTIVE. Our new EcoBlue diesel engines are our most powerful yet, offering improved performance and remarkable fuel efficiency. Plus, available for the first time as a Plug-In Hybrid, capable of a targeted electric-only driving range of up to 68 miles.

Are Transit Connect vans any good?

The Transit Connect is already arguably the sweetest van to drive in the small van sector. Probably not your top priority in a van, where load capacity, payload rating and practicality are likely more important, but if you’re going to be in it all day, every day, it might as well be fun. And these things are fun.

Is the Ford Transit Connect being discontinued in 2024?

Ford retires its small van, the Transit Connect, in 2023 after compact commercial sales sink. Ford produces a vehicle that’sperfect fit for the daily lives of most Americans.

What is the new Ford Transit Connect?

The new Transit Connect is produced as part of Ford’s ongoing partnership with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and is based on the existing VW Caddy. Ford Pro offers the Transit Connect with short- or long-wheelbase options in two‑seat van or five‑seat Kombi bodystyles.

Will there be a 2024 Transit Connect?

Transit Connect enters production in spring 2024, with initial deliveries of the diesel van scheduled for summer this year as part of a phased launch plan.

Why is Ford discontinuing the Transit Connect?

Ford ended Transit Connect sales in the U.S. “to reduce global manufacturing cost and complexity, alongside decreased demand for the compact van segment.” Ram, General Motors, Nissan and Mercedes-Benz have also abandoned the segment.

What is the problem with the Ford Transit Connect?

Early in 2021, Ford issued a recall for over 192,000 2013-2021 Transit Connects due to their high probability of rolling away when in park mode. Aside from the 2012 redesign, some 2013-2021 Transit Connects have also been reported to have transmission issues. Image source: Ford Media Center.

What is the last year of the Ford Transit Connect?

Second generation (2012)

Second generation
Also called Ford Tourneo Connect (Europe And Turkey) Ford Grand Tourneo Connect ( LWB ) (Europe)
Production October 2012–2022 October 2012–2020 ( SWB )
Model years 2014–2023 (North America)
Assembly Spain: Almussafes, Valencia (Ford Valencia Body and Assembly)
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