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Is the 2006 Ford Fusion a good car?

Is the 2006 Ford Fusion a Good Car?
The 2006 Ford Fusion has received generally positive reviews from consumers, with many praising its reliability, safety features, and overall driving experience. Here are some key points to consider:
– Reliability and Maintenance: Owners have reported the 2006 Ford Fusion as being reliable, with some drivers reaching high mileage without major issues. Regular maintenance, such as oil changes, fluid changes, and tire rotations, has been emphasized as important for keeping the car in good working order.
– Safety Features: The 2006 Ford Fusion comes equipped with safety features such as reinforced B-pillars for side-impact energy redirection, reinforced roof structure, and optional side airbag packages. It has also received good crash test ratings, with 4 out of 5 stars in government crash tests.
– Driving Experience: The Fusion is described as having responsive steering, a refined ride, and effectively quelled wind and road noise at highway speeds. It is considered to be one of the more entertaining vehicles in the family sedan segment, offering a fun driving experience by family sedan standards.
– Fuel Economy: The 2006 Ford Fusion offers decent fuel economy, with some owners reporting up to 24 MPG combined. Additionally, the car has been praised for its good mileage on the highway.
– Issues to Consider: While many owners have had positive experiences with the 2006 Ford Fusion, there have been reports of transmission issues in certain models, which some drivers have found to be unsafe. It’s important to be aware of potential transmission problems and to consider the cost of replacement parts.
In summary, the 2006 Ford Fusion is generally regarded as a good and reliable car, offering a comfortable driving experience, good safety features, and decent fuel economy. However, potential transmission issues should be taken into consideration when evaluating this vehicle.

How many miles can a Ford Fusion go on a full tank?

Compare Side-by-Side

2020 Ford Fusion FWD
EPA Fuel Economy Regular Gasoline
27 MPG 23 34 combined city/highway city highway
3.7 gal/100mi
446 miles Total Range

Is a 2006 Ford Fusion a 4 or 6 cylinder?

Like the import brands that are its direct competitors, the Ford Fusion is offered with both four-cylinder and V-6 engines. The four-cylinder is the 2.3-liter, 160-horsepower unit also found in the Focus, matched to a five-speed manual or automatic transmission.

What year Ford Fusion is most reliable?

The best used Ford Fusion years to buy are undeniably 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020, with outstanding VehicleHistory and Cars.com ratings and significantly fewer complaints and recalls on NHTSA.

Are Ford Fusions good cars after 100k miles?

If you notice a Ford Fusion with more than 100,000 miles, it’s worth it if you want to save a little money. You might need to spend a little more on repairs at first, but it should, overall, cost much less than if you were to invest in a brand-new version of the vehicle.

Is the Ford Fusion a reliable vehicle?

The Ford Fusion has decent reliability. According to withclutch.com, the Fusion scores 57.9, landing it in the reliability department. It’s one of the top-scoring vehicles in the Ford Fusion, especially in the midsize department. It’s also an excellent idea to look at a secondary source for reliability.

What are the cons of a Ford Fusion?

Underwhelming Base Engine
The base engine in the Ford Fusion is solid, but it can be underwhelming. It offers 175 horsepower, but the Fusion struggles to accelerate like competitors. You won’t notice it on a commute, but it will become apparent if you want to speed up to pass someone on the highway.

How many miles does a 2006 Ford Fusion get?

2006 Ford Fusion

Vehicle EPA Fuel Economy Greenhouse Gas Emissions (tailpipe)
25 MPG 22 29 combined city/hwy city hwy 4.0 gal/100 mi 355 grams/mile
350 miles Total Range
2006 Ford Fusion 2.3 L, 4 cyl, Automatic 5-spd, Regular Gasoline
24 MPG 21 29 combined city/hwy city hwy 4.2 gal/100 mi 370 grams/mile

Are Ford Fusion engines good?

Which Ford Fusion Engine Is Best? 2.0L EcoBoost I4, which was featured in the 2nd generation of Fusion (2013-2020), offers a good balance of power and fuel efficiency. Meanwhile, this was a popular choice for most drivers seeking decent performance and economy.

What years did Ford Fusion have problems?

2010-2016 Ford Fusion Transmission Issues
In the time we have been taking Fusion cases, we have become aware of the following alarming issues with models in 2010 through 2016: Jerking, shuddering, or jolting when shifting gears. RPM malfunctions. Electrical malfunctions.

Can Ford Fusion last 300000 miles?

With proper care and maintenance, a Ford Fusion can last for many miles. Many cars, including the Ford Fusion, have the potential to exceed 200,000 miles or more. Some may even reach 300,000 miles or beyond.

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