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Is the Ford Explorer available in the UK?

Based on the search results, it appears that the Ford Explorer is available in the UK. Ford offers an all-electric version of the Explorer in the UK, which is available in two well-equipped series: Select or Premium. The Explorer is a capacious seven-seat SUV with various features, including adaptive 4×4 and a plug-in hybrid system that provides electric-only driving for around 40km.
It’s worth noting that the Ford Explorer was introduced to the UK in 1997 but was not successful at that time. However, it seems that Ford has reintroduced the Explorer to the UK market with the all-electric version.
Please keep in mind that the availability and specific details of the Ford Explorer in the UK may vary, so it’s recommended to visit the official Ford UK website or contact a local Ford dealership for the most up-to-date and accurate information.
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Is Ford Explorer sold in Europe?

Explorer is the first in a wave of innovative new electric vehicles from Ford and forges the way for a complete reinvention of the Ford brand in Europe. The mid-size crossover has seats for five across two rows and is fully equipped to set families on the road to adventure.

What is the most expensive Ford Explorer?

But this particular Explorer takes the cake — and blows up the bakery that made it. This 2014 Explorer Sport has, according to the images from the screenshot, 892,614 miles. And the seller is asking $7,900 for it. This is wild for several reasons.

Can you buy a Ford Bronco in the UK?

But, the good news for those in the UK lusting after a Bronco is that you can get a new one (unofficially imported) here if you ask the right dealer: London’s Clive Sutton, which is also big into the Ford Mustang and the Chevrolet Corvette.

What is the equivalent of a Ford Explorer?

The new Traverse SUV is more powerful and spacious, with 310 horsepower and up to eight-passenger seating, compared to the 300-horsepower Ford Explorer, which offers up to seven seats. The Chevy Traverse also boasts more standard and maximum cargo space than the Explorer.

What is the price of Ford Explorer in Europe?

around 45,000 Euros
Bookings will open in late-2023. As far as the price is concerned, the 2024 Ford Explorer EV price is likely to start around 45,000 Euros (around Rs 40 lakh, ex-showroom).

What is Ford called in Europe?

Ford of Europe

Company type Subsidiary (GmbH)
Parent Ford Motor Company (1967–present)
Divisions TrustFord
Subsidiaries Henry Ford & Son Ltd Ford-Werke GmbH Ford of Britain Ford España Ford France Ford Italia Ford Romania Ford Otosan (41%)
Website ford.eu

How much is the new Ford Explorer UK?

At the moment, prices for the new 2024 Ford Explorer are still to be confirmed, but it’s anticipated that it will have a starting price of just under £40,000, with top-of-the-range Explorer models (with the largest battery and all-wheel drive system) available from around £50,000.

Which is bigger Chevy Traverse or Ford Explorer?

Compare the Chevy Traverse vs. Ford Explorer in terms of size, and the Traverse is a bit larger, offering more seating and cargo space.

Is Ford discontinuing Explorer?

Ford discontinued the Explorer Hybrid for the 2024 model year and with the announcement of the 2025 Explorer’s mid-cycle refresh, it looks like the Explorer Hybrid won’t be available. The Explorer Hybrid arrived for the 2020 model year and was available until 2023.

Is the Ford Explorer bigger than the Toyota Highlander?

In a Ford Explorer vs. Toyota Highlander size comparison, the Ford Explorer is larger across the board. Specifically, a 2023 Ford Explorer is 3.9 inches longer, up to 2.6 inches taller, and 2.9 inches wider (without mirrors) than a 2023 Toyota Highlander.

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