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Using the Correct Oil for Your Toyota Service

Using the Correct Oil for Your Toyota Service

When you visit AHG for a Toyota service, it’s advisable to get a full oil change while we have the car. Our trained Toyota mechanics can drain the old oil and refill the system using an oil that’s appropriate for your specific Toyota model. The new 2019 Toyota Corolla hatch or sedan is an excellent recent example of a car that has quite a specific engine oil needs. Let’s take a look at the reasons for changing engine oil and the type of oil that you need in your Toyota Corolla.

Why Does Oil Need Changing?

If you’ve ever looked at fresh motor oil as it’s poured into your car, you can see that it’s a clear amber colour and it has that thick viscosity as it’s poured. This property is what makes engine oil ideal for lubrication between moving parts in your car. Without this lubrication friction can occur more easily; this leads to a build-up of heat and the two parts rubbing together can become worn, warped and damaged. This will result in a hefty repair bill or an entire part replacement.

Old Oil Can Damage Your Engine

When you see old engine oil that’s been drained out of a car, it looks very different. This oil looks black and dirty, and it pours as a thin liquid that lacks any viscosity at when the oil is very old. Although an engine is a sealed system, moisture can enter via the pipes and hoses, and over time this will dilute the engine oil and make it less able to withstand high temperatures. The oil will also settle in the sump where it can become thick, and this can cause damage to the engine. So, it’s essential to change your oil regularly to ensure that it’s lubricating the moving engine parts effectively.

The Optimal Oil for Your Toyota Corolla

When you take your Corolla in for a Toyota service, they should use Toyota Genuine Motor Oil in your car. This oil should be ILSAC GF-5 grade and have a viscosity of SAE 0W-20 for optimal results. The Toyota service centre advisor can tell you that this oil will be capable of performing between -20º and 100ºF. Of course, we don’t experience those types of temperature extremes here, but this oil will be more than capable of keeping your engine running in great shape if you move around different Australia climates.

Changing Your Own Oil

Ïf you have the time, some available space and you don’t mind getting a little messy you can carry out your own oil change at home between Toyota service visits. Before you start, always refer to your owner’s manual because it’s packed with useful information on your Toyota Corolla. The lubrication system on a 2019 Corolla can handle a maximum oil capacity of 5 litres with a filter and just over 4.5 litres without a filter. At AHG Auto & Tyre Service, we have extensive experience in servicing Toyota cars, and you can contact us to schedule your service today.

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