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Why Dents Should Prompt a Visit to Car Repair Shops

Why Dents Should Prompt a Visit to Car Repair Shops

Many vehicle owners tend to consider dents or scratches as purely a cosmetic issue that doesn’t require a visit to car repair shops. In fact, this is actually an important aspect of car repair that needs professional attention. Here we’ll explore this topic in a little more detail, so you can develop an understanding of why that scratch or dent needs attention.

An Early Repair is a Cheaper Repair

When a scratch or dent first appears, the repair required may be relatively small. Unfortunately, this creates a vulnerability in the bodywork that can worsen over time. So, every time you drive, wash or even store your vehicle that small scratch could be getting deeper and larger, and may even develop rust.

Not only will this make your car look older and battered, but these untreated defects can lead to a significantly larger repair bill. Additionally, delaying the repair could lead to paint matching difficulties due to aging, which will also increase the costs of the car repair.

Risking Your Car’s Exterior

As we’ve touched on above, unrepaired body damage can affect the structural integrity of your car. Imagine if a scratch appears in summer, but it is left without repair until the following spring, the scratch is not only likely to be bigger and deeper, but it could have created some serious issues. When paint is removed due to a dent or scratch, the internal material is exposed to moisture, sunlight, and dirt. In a worst case scenario, rust or corrosion could develop from just a simple scratch.

Disguising Serious Damage

Most dents develop because of a collision, and while that dent may look superficial, it may be hiding some serious damage. The damage resulting from a collision is not always immediately visible, but your wheels may have been forced out of alignment, or the frame may have been bent. You’re not likely to see this kind of damage just from looking at a dented wing or bumper, but it could be a significant threat to your vehicle safety. The professionals at car repair shops can assess your vehicle to check for any damage that may have been obscured by the surface dent.

A Dent Will Reduce Your Car value

Even if you don’t have immediate plans to sell your vehicle, at some point you’re likely to want an upgrade. Unfortunately, a car with any cosmetic damage will be worth far less than its counterparts. So, to protect your resale value, it is crucial to have repairs performed by an experienced professional. Saving a few dollars now is likely to cost you big in the future. Neglecting repairs or trying to do it yourself is likely to mean you can’t expect top dollar for your vehicle in the future.

Don’t wait for that little scratch or small dent to develop into a big issue. Fortunately, you don’t have to conduct an extensive search looking for “car repair near me,” as the AHG Auto & Tyre Service team is here to help with any aspect of car repair.

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