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What engine came in a 1972 Ford LTD?

The Engine in a 1972 Ford LTD
The 1972 Ford LTD came with several V8 engine options. According to the information available, the available engines for the bigger Ford line in 1972 included a 302, 351, 400, and a 429. The specific engine that came in a 1972 Ford LTD would depend on the trim level and options chosen by the buyer.
Unfortunately, the search results do not provide a specific answer regarding which engine was the standard or most common option for the 1972 Ford LTD. However, it is worth noting that many LTDs came with the bigger V8 engines, with the 351 being standard and the 400 and 429 being options.
If you have a specific trim level or option package in mind, please let me know, and I can provide more detailed information if available.

What size engine is in the Ford LTD?

Engine 302 CID Windsor V8 351 CID 335 series V8 351 CID Windsor V8 400 CID 335 series V8
Transmission 3-speed Ford C4 automatic 3-speed Ford FMX automatic 3-speed Ford C6 automatic
Wheelbase 114 in (2,896 mm) (coupe) 118 in (2,997 mm) (sedan/wagon)

Was the Ford 429 a good engine?

The 429 was well suited to a competition role thanks to its sizable bearings and semi-hemi combustion chamber (with angled valves canted into the head that allowed for a larger size), and even out of the box its advertised (read: underrated) 360hp made it a strong street contender.

What is the gas mileage on a 1972 Ford LTD?

Based on data from 2 vehicles, 11 fuel-ups and 2,263 miles of driving, the 1972 Ford LTD gets a combined Avg MPG of 12.69 with a 2.47 MPG margin of error.

What motor is in a Ford LTD?

The base engine was the 302 cid V8. The next largest engine was Ford’s 351 CID V8, the most common choice. Still larger was Ford’s 400 CID V8.

What is the difference between Ford 427 428 and 429 engines?

The 428 came out in the late ’60’s. Has a smaller bore than the 427 (closer to the 406) and a longer stroke. The smaller bore was easier for Ford to manage with machining the castings in the ’60’s. The 429 came out later.

How much horsepower did a 1972 Ford Ltd have?

The LTD’s standard engine was the latest generation of 302 Windsor small-block, generating 220 hp, with the 351 Cleveland small block, 390-cid V-8, and 429 big-block engines also available.

Why was the Ford LTD discontinued?

In addition to slow sales, potential model overlap with the Fairmont (and LTD) led to the discontinuation of the LTD II station wagon after 1977. For 1979, the LTD II effectively became obsolete upon the introduction of the downsized Ford LTD.

How many 1972 Ford LTD were made?

Despite the midsized Torino, compact Maverick, and subcompact Pinto, Ford was still selling plenty of full-sized cars. In 1972 a total of 475,292 LTDs were produced, in addition to 269,199 Galaxie 500s and 87,782 Custom/Custom 500s.

What does LTD stand for on a Ford?

Back in 1965, Ford opted to name one particular high-level trim “Limited”, which shortened nicely to “LTD” on the 1965 Ford Galaxie. By the late 1970s, the Galaxie moniker was gone, but the “LTD” trim level lived on. Shown here is the 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 LTD four-door hardtop. ( photo credit: Ford) StangBangers.

What was the engine specs of the Ford LTD 429 in 1972?

This car has a 429-cubic-inch V8 engine, rated at 205 hp in 1972. This was down from 360 in 1971, due in part to the drop in compression ratio from 10.5:1 to 8.5:1 but also because of the government-mandated change from gross to net horsepower ratings.

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