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Car Servicing and Maintenance Basics

Car Servicing and Maintenance Basics

A lot of drivers looking for an auto service “near me” may be surprised to learn that there are actually lots of maintenance basics that should be performed or checked between your regular service schedule. Here we’ll explore some of these maintenance tasks that don’t have to wait for your next service.

Dig Out Your Owner’s Manual

While your vehicle owner’s manual isn’t an exciting page-turner, it is full of tips and important information to optimise your vehicle performance, safety, and efficiency. So be sure to dig out your owner’s manual and have it close at hand.


Fluids should be checked regularly and replaced when necessary. The various fluids of your vehicle act as its lifeblood. Most cars rely on engine oil, brake fluid, radiator coolant, battery fluid, and windscreen washer fluid. Depending on your vehicle, some of these may need to be performed by a specialist, however, you will find instructions on how to check many these fluid levels in your owner’s manual, so next time you think about visiting an auto repair garage, you will be able to answer any questions about when particular fluids were last checked.


Most drivers understand the importance of ensuring tyres are inflated to the correct pressure, but to ensure optimum safety, you need to take this a little further. Wheel alignment and balancing can cause your car to feel like it is pulling to one side. You can check for warning signs of this by looking at the wear on your tyre tread. Tread should wear evenly, and if your tyres are showing excessive wear on one side or another, it’s time to book your vehicle in for a tyre service.


In the harsh climate here in Perth, your wiper blades can be exposed to some damaging conditions. Ideally, you should change your wiper blades annually, but if you have started to have difficulty properly seeing through your windscreen, it may be time to buy a new set. Most wipers blades are simple to replace, just make sure they are properly in place, or you risk them moving around when you try and clear your windscreen.


If your car battery was going to fail, it is likely to happen at the most inconvenient time. So, it is a good idea to track how old your battery is, top up the fluid when necessary and check for signs of corrosion when you perform your regular maintenance. Just be careful and avoid touching any flaky powder near a corroded battery terminal, as it is highly acidic.

If your vehicle is used infrequently, it can result in battery drain, so try to run your vehicle periodically.


Finally, be sure to keep your bodywork washed regularly, particularly if you park near trees. Droppings and tree sap can seriously damage paintwork if it is not removed quickly. So, try and get in the habit of giving your car a treat with a good wash and wax regularly.

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