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What is Ford dynamic suspension?

Ford Dynamic Suspension
Ford dynamic suspension, also known as Continuously Controlled Damping (CCD), is a system that provides automated and precise control over a vehicle’s suspension to enhance handling and ride quality. It works alongside the Terrain Management System (TMS) to adapt to various road surfaces and conditions, providing a more agile and confident ride. Additionally, it may include features such as a pothole mitigation system and high-resolution sensors for improved performance and comfort.
The system is designed to offer a more comfortable and controlled driving experience by adjusting the suspension in real-time to respond to changing road conditions. This technology is available on select Ford models and is engineered to provide a smoother and more refined driving experience.
Overall, Ford’s dynamic suspension system, or Continuously Controlled Damping (CCD), is aimed at enhancing the driving experience by providing automated and precise control over the vehicle’s suspension, resulting in improved handling and ride quality.

What is Ford continuous controlled damping?

Ford is adding its continuously controlled (adaptive) damping suspension technology to the F-150, and it is specifically tuned to maximize vehicle and trailer stability when the driver places the truck in Tow/Haul mode.

What is CCD on Ford truck?

Available now on select Ford models at our Ford dealer serving Yuba City, the adaptive suspension, referred to as Continuously Controlled Damping (CCD), is fully automated and works alongside the Terrain Management System (TMS) for precise control and handling on a number of road surfaces.

What suspension is best for performance?

One of the most popular independent front suspensions (for more on suspension types, see below) is the coil spring suspension. What a coil spring does is store energy before releasing it to absorb shock and maintain contact between the road and the wheels.

What does continuous controlled damping do?

Continuous Damping Control available as CDCivo and CDCevo solves the conflict between driving safety and ride comfort by setting the damper – and uncompromisingly. Whether fully loaded or only with the driver, the CDC®-system adjusts the optimum damping wheel-individually according to the driving situation.

What F-150 models have damping suspension?

2021 Ford F-150 – Tow/Haul mode
Tow/Haul mode is specifically tuned with continuously controlled damping to provide a smooth drive with a trailer in tow.

Does f150 have adaptive suspension?

More on the F-150
The biggest news is the suspension. Designed to enhance the ride and handling, the available system uses a computer to “analyze multiple signals collected from high-resolution sensors” that in turn adjust the dampers to optimize the suspension for the situation.

What does dynamic suspension do?

It accounts for the varying forces applied to the suspension and bolsters chassis performance in all driving conditions. This elite level of performance is made possible with the use of an electrically modulated system of hydraulics that alter and sometimes even totally disable anti-roll bars.

How can I tell if my f150 has CCD?

Easiest way to double check is to look under the rear shocks and see if there is a level sensor or a plug going into your shocks.

What is the DM button on f150?

However, if your Ford F-150 has the console shifter, press the DM (Drive Mode) button placed on the left side of the shifter. The driver will get Drive Mode over the instrument cluster screen.

Does dynamic mode lower the car?

Dynamic – Precise control and responsiveness are prioritized in this mode. Suspension dampening is stiffened and ride height is lowered in adaptive air suspension models.

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