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What is the difference between a Ford Consul and Granada?

Difference Between Ford Consul and Granada
The Ford Consul and Granada were both popular models from Ford, but they had some key differences:
1. Target Audience and Positioning:
– The Granada was often regarded as a vehicle for the local elite, while the Consul was aimed at drivers looking to trade in their older models, such as the Zephyr 4 or 6.
2. Engine Types:
– The Consul initially had a base engine of V4, which was later replaced by an in-line overhead-cam Pinto unit. The Granada, on the other hand, had a range of engines including V4 and V6 options.
3. Luxury and Equipment:
– The Granada offered more luxury and equipment options compared to the Consul, with models like the Granada GXL and Ghia having additional features.
4. Badge-Engineering:
– While both the Consul and Granada were powered by the same range of engines, the difference between the two ranges was effectively nothing more than badge-engineering.
5. Grille Design:
– Consul models can be identified by a two-panel cross-mesh grille, while the Granadas had a horizontal chrome bar grille.
In summary, while the Consul and Granada shared some similarities in terms of engine options, the Granada was positioned as a more luxurious and elite vehicle compared to the Consul.
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Was Ford Granada a good car?

Such badge snobbery aside the Granada had plenty to recommend it, from the spacious and comfortable interior to a driving experience that was much improved compared to its predecessors. Ford were on to a winner, and with numerous tweaks and updates it would last until 1977 when the Mk 2 was waiting in the wings.

What is a Ford Granada?

The North American version of the Ford Granada is a range of sedans that was manufactured and marketed by Ford. Introduced for the 1975 model year as the intended successor as the Ford Maverick, the Granada was sold through the 1982 model year across two generations.

What is the difference between the Ford Granada and the Ford Consul?

The Consul and Granada were offered as four-door saloons, five-door estates and a two-door fastback coupe (from 1974 in the UK), with the higher-spec Granada including more luxurious fittings, including rev counter, oil pressure gauge, ammeter, rear ventilation control, and a larger centre console.

What replaced the Ford Granada?

The Ford Scorpio is an executive car that was produced by Ford Germany from 1985 to 1998. It was the replacement for the European Ford Granada line (although in the UK and Ireland the Scorpio was marketed under the Granada name until 1994).

What is the other name for the Ford Granada?

From 1985 to 1994, the Granada name was used, in the United Kingdom and Ireland only, for a third-generation model which was sold in other European markets as the Ford Scorpio and in North America as the Merkur Scorpio.

What car did the Ford Granada replace?

The cars : Ford Granada Mk1 and Mk2 development story
It replaced the Zephyr/Zodiac in the UK, and the P7-series in Germany with a new and stylish Anglo-German design.

What is a Ford Consul?

The Ford Consul is a car that was manufactured by Ford of Britain from 1951 until 1962. The name was later revived for a model produced by Ford in both the UK and in Germany from 1972 until 1975. Ford Consul. 1956 Ford Consul Mark II Saloon (204E)

Is the Ford Granada the same as the Falcon?

The North American Ford Granada (not to be confused with the completely different European Ford Granada) started out in the 1975 model year and was based on the tried-and-true chassis design of the 1960 Ford Falcon (which was built in Argentina through 1991).

What was the sister car to the Ford Granada?

Designed as the original successor for the Mercury Comet, the Monarch was marketed as a luxury compact vehicle; alongside its Ford Granada counterpart, the Monarch expanded the segment in the United States as automakers responded to the 1973 fuel crisis.

When was the Ford Granada discontinued?

Regardless, the mid-size Granada enjoyed a seven-year run in the U.S. between 1975-82. The Ford Granada shared its name and not much else with Ford Europe’s larger and much sportier saloon, estate, and coupe variants sold between 1972-94.

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