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What is the Dodge Dart based on?

Dodge Dart’s Basis
The Dodge Dart is based on the Fiat Compact Wide platform. This platform was also used for the Fiat Viaggio in non-US markets and the Fiat Ottimo, which is essentially an Italian Dodge Dart hatchback in China ).
The original 1960s Dart was based on the Plymouth Valiant as a way to increase sales for Dodge, as both companies were owned by Chrysler at the time. When the car was brought back into production in 2012, the design was largely based on the Dodge Hornet concept car.
In summary, the Dodge Dart is based on the Fiat Compact Wide platform and has historical ties to the Plymouth Valiant and the Dodge Hornet concept car.

Why was Dodge Demon banned?

It’s so fast the NHRA has banned it
Why? Well, it’s sent to the sidelines on a technicality that anything that runs under 10 seconds or over 135 mph requires an NHRA certified cage, which the Demon doesn’t have as standard.

What was the Dodge Dart based off of?

unibody Plymouth platform
The Dart sedans and coupes were based on the unibody Plymouth platform with a 118 in (2,997 mm) wheelbase, shorter than the standard-size Dodge line.

What was the Plymouth equivalent of the Dodge Dart?

The Valiant was sold in Mexico as a “Chrysler Valiant” starting with the 1963 model year. This was also the first year that it was coupled with the Dodge Dart, which had been previously a lower-end full-size model. In the U.S., the Valiant finally joined the Plymouth brand for the rest of its production.

Is a Dodge Dart a muscle car?

In 1962, the Dart was built on the B-body platform, similar to a Polara or Coronet. It was considered an intermediate car, but again, was not a true musclecar.

Is Alfa Romeo made by Dodge?

When you see the stylish Giulia or Stelvio cruising on the streets around Utica, you may start to wonder, “who owns Alfa Romeo?” Alfa Romeo has been owned by Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) since 2007. While FCA has owned this luxury brand for over a decade, it still maintains its signature Italian flair.

What was the Dodge Dart almost called?

Originally carrying the name Hornet, the concept was dropped during the financial crisis as Chrysler scrambled to restructure the company. The production notes went quiet until 2011 when the automaker announced that they were going to be resurrect the Dart name for the new car.

Is the Dodge Dart a Fiat?

Dodge Dart (PF)
The Dodge Dart is a front-engine, front-wheel drive, four-door compact sedan that was manufactured and marketed by then FCA US LLC, a subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

What class of car is a Dodge Dart?

The Dodge Dart is an entry-level, compact sedan.

Was the Dodge Demon a Dart?

The first-ever Demon arrived in 1971 as part of the Dodge Dart lineup. But unlike the modern Challenger Demon, the Dart Demon wasn’t conceived as a high-performance model. It was applied to Dodge’s version of the popular Plymouth Duster and it wasn’t even supposed to be called the Demon at first.

Is the Dodge Dart an Alfa Romeo?

Dodge Dart, the name of a popular midsize car in the 1970s, has been resurrected as a rakish compact with some Italian flavoring. The 2013 Dart, introduced today at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, shares some mechanical underpinnings with the well-regarded Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

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