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What is the load space on the Ford Transit Connect?

Load Space on the Ford Transit Connect
The load space on the Ford Transit Connect varies depending on the wheelbase and body length options. Here are the key dimensions for the load space:
– Transit Connect SWB L1:
– Exterior measures: 4,425mm long and 1,830mm high.
– Load area: 1,786mm long at the floor and 1,269mm from floor to roof, equating to a load volume of 2.9 cubic metres.
– Gross Vehicle Weights and Payload:
– Gross vehicle weights range from 2.0 tonnes to 2.4 tonnes, with the payload varying from 595kg to 967kg for the appropriately named Ford Transit Connect High Payload models.
– Interior Dimensions:
– The interior dimensions (length) of the Ford Transit Connect cargo space is 1800mm (L1), 1816mm (L2), 2179mm (L3), and 2217mm (L4).
– The interior width of the Connect is 1760mm, and the exterior width is 2136mm.
– The interior height of the Ford Transit Connect is 1072mm (H1), 1245mm (H2), and 1265mm (H3).
– Cargo Volume:
– With the short wheelbase, it contains 103.9 cubic feet of cargo area, while the long wheelbase layout expands that to 128.6 cubic feet.
– Additional Features:
– All models come with a single side loading door as standard, with a second optional on all but the fuel-saving Econetic variant. They also come with a full steel bulkhead as standard, which is a useful safety feature.
– Max Load Space Width and Height:
– The Transit Connect has a max load space width of over 1.5m at the floor and a load space height of over 1.2m from floor to roof, providing enough room for two Euro-pallets or four standard 8 x 4 boards in the load box.
These dimensions and features provide a comprehensive overview of the load space available in the Ford Transit Connect, allowing for a versatile and adaptable cargo area to suit various needs.

Will a pallet fit in a Ford Transit Connect?

Loading a 48-inch pallet via forklift is easy with 180-degree swing-out rear cargo doors that can be locked in the open position. Its high-strength body is Built Ford Tough, engineered to rigorous global commercial vehicle durability standards.

Can you fit a 4×8 sheet of plywood in a Ford Transit Connect?

Surprisingly, the Transit Connect cannot carry a 4-by-8-foot sheet of plywood inside, a task that has become a basic measure of a vehicle’s utility — and one that can be accomplished by most minivans.

What is the load area of the Ford Transit Connect?

The Transit Connect Van comes with a single row of seats to maximise your load space. Available in short (SWB) or long wheelbase (LWB) options, the Transit Connect Van provides up to 3.6 cubic metres of load space and can carry up to 961 kg of cargo †.

What are the load dimensions of a Ford Transit?

Ford / Transit

Transit 300 2.2 TDCi MWB l/r 130
Rear Door Height (mm) 1370
Load Length (mm) 2949
Load Width Max (mm) 1762
Load Height (mm) 1430

How big is the cargo space in a Ford Transit Connect?

The long wheelbase and low roof combination results in 277.7 cubic feet of cargo area, which increases to 357.1 cubic feet for carrying cargo. That balloons to 404.3 cubic feet of cargo with the high roof. The most cargo space comes with the long extended wheelbase and high roof.

Can you fit a mattress in a Ford Transit Connect?

For the van conversion mattress, we had a few factors that we had to consider before buying. Mainly, the mattress needed to be long enough for John (who is 6′ tall) to stretch out completely. With that, we decided on a queen sized mattress but would need to cut the width to custom fit in the wood, bed platform.

Can you fit a bed in a Transit Connect?

There were a couple that had just made one big bed in the cargo. Area there was a few that had two different benches. And a table that would set in the middle.

Will there be a 2024 Transit Connect?

Transit Connect enters production in spring 2024, with initial deliveries of the diesel van scheduled for summer this year as part of a phased launch plan.

How much space is in the back of a Transit Connect?

S7B0 Transit Connect XLT Cargo Van Specification

Capacities (cu ft.) Short Wheelbase Passenger Wagon
Max. Cargo Volume with front passenger seat folded (Van only)
Cargo Volume Behind First Row with 2nd-row seat folded 77.1
Cargo Volume Behind Second Row 46.9

What is the difference between the Ford Transit and the Ford Transit Connect?

The Ford Transit Wagon is intended to carry passengers rather than cargo or equipment. The Ford Transit Connect comes in five different trim levels (including vans and wagons), providing you with greater maneuverability and dexterity due to a smaller exterior frame.

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