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What size is the drain plug on a Ford Explorer?

The Size of the Drain Plug on a Ford Explorer
Based on the search results, the size of the drain plug on a Ford Explorer can vary depending on the specific model and year. Here are some relevant details:
– Source mentions a user asking about the wrench size needed to remove the drain bolt from the oil pan of a 1998 Ford Explorer with a 4.0L OHV engine. Unfortunately, the specific size is not mentioned in the snippet.
– Source features a discussion where a user with a 1997 Ford Explorer 5.0L engine mentions that their drain plug required a 17mm wrench, while a store suggested a 13mm or 15mm wrench. It’s important to note that this information is specific to the 1997 model and may not apply to all Ford Explorers.
– Source discusses the oil drain plug size, mentioning that it is M12 x 1.75 and requires a 15mm wrench. However, this information is specifically about the oil drain plug, not the transmission drain plug.
– Source and Source provide information about purchasing oil drain plugs for Ford Explorers, but they do not mention the specific size.
– Source discusses oil pan drain plug gaskets for Ford Explorers, but does not mention the size of the drain plug itself.
– Source mentions UPR 3025-01 and UPR 3025-02 billet drain plugs with magnetic tips for various Ford vehicles, including the Ford Explorer ST. However, it does not provide the specific size of the drain plug.
– Source mentions a 1/8″ NPT transmission drain plug adapter for the Ford Explorer, but it does not provide information about the size of the drain plug itself.
– Source features a user asking about the drain plug size on the PTU (Power Transfer Unit) of a 2016 Ford Explorer with a 2.3L EcoBoost engine. The specific size is not mentioned in the snippet.
– Source provides general information about engine oil drain plugs, including the fact that they are typically threaded and made of metal. However, it does not mention the specific size for the Ford Explorer.
Based on the available information, it is difficult to provide a definitive answer regarding the size of the drain plug on a Ford Explorer. The size can vary depending on the model, year, and specific engine configuration. It is recommended to consult the vehicle’s owner’s manual or contact a Ford dealership for accurate and specific information about the drain plug size for a particular Ford Explorer model.

What size socket do you need for a drain plug?

What size wrench to use for an oil drain plug depends on the size of the oil drain plug itself, which is a long bolt head. There is no universal oil plug size, but they do come in just a few several standard sizes, such as ¼ inch (. 6 centimeters), 3/8 inch (. 9 centimeters), ½ inch (1.3 centimeters), etc.

What MM is an oil drain plug?

The Clean Oil Drain Plug are available in 3 different sizes: 12 x 1.25mm. 12 x 1.5mm. 12 x 1.75mm.

What size is the eco plug?

ECO-PLUG’s magnetic structure provides for quick and easy removal and installation. It is the ideal oil drain plug for damaged or undamaged steel oil pan threads ranging in size from 10MM thread diameter to 14 MM thread diameter.

What size is the oil drain plug on a Ford Explorer?

Dorman – Standard Engine Oil Drain Plug: M12x1. 75 Thread, 15 mm Head, 1 Pack (Part No. 090-175CD)

What kind of socket do you use for an oil drain plug?

3/8″ Drive 6 Pt.

How do you loosen an oil drain plug?

It. So we’re going to put our closed in wrench on it first because that provides a better purchase. On the nut.

What size is the oil drain plug on a 2018 Ford Explorer?

M12 X 1.75
Engine Oil Pan Drain Plug – M12 X 1.75. FordUS.

What tool do I need to drain transmission fluid?

Transmission Fluid Funnel: A specialized funnel to help pour the transmission fluid without spilling. Drain Pan: To collect and dispose of the old fluid. Socket Set: Useful for removing the transmission drain plug. Torque Wrench: Ensures bolts are tightened to the manufacturer’s specifications.

What size is the drain plug on a 2016 Ford Explorer?

Notes: Oil drain plug M12-1.75 magnetic GM OEM style.

What size is the transmission drain plug?

Product Specifications

Color: Yellow
Thread Diameter: 10 mm
Thread Type: Coarse
Universal Or Specific Fit: Specific
Wrench Size: 14 mm
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