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What to Expect When You Book a Car Service

What to Expect When You Book a Car Service

If you’re not mechanically minded, understanding car servicing can be a little tricky. This makes it challenging to know whether you’re receiving the best car service or not. So, here we’ll explore what you can expect when you book a car service.

Your Owners Manual

Whether you need a car battery service, car brake service, or 10,000-kilometre service, your owners manual can be an invaluable resource. This will detail the requirements for different types of service appointments. However, the type of driving you do can affect the logbook service details. For example, driving in the city with constant stopping and starting can put additional pressure on your engine components. This may require additional work to be completed on top of what is listed in the vehicle owner’s manual. So, while the owner’s manual provides insight into servicing, you need to be prepared for other works.

Minor Servicing

Minor servicing involves changing or topping up fluids and performing numerous checks to ensure everything is in working order. Your mechanic will inspect for any wear and tear including:

  • Checking Oil and Oil Filter: One of the most common reasons to book a service is to have your oil checked and changed. Dirty oil affects how a car runs and can compromise the engine.
  • Checking Brakes and Brake Fluid: The response time and depth of the brake pads will be measured, and if required, the brake fluid will be topped up.
  • Checking Leads: Leads can last as long as ten years, but they should be checked during every service.
  • Air Conditioner Testing: Your mechanic will check that your air conditioning is operating efficiently.
  • Steering and Suspension Tests: Functionality and response time will be checked
  • Testing Lights: If they are not working, your mechanic will replace the bulbs
  • Windscreen Wiper and Washer Check: This is crucial for visibility
  • Spark Plug Check: Greasy plugs may indicate an oil leak, so they can be a good indicator of the condition of your engine.

Your mechanic will also check the filters, hoses, belts, battery, transmission, exhaust and tyres. While this may seem like a very comprehensive list, a minor service can be performed quite quickly by an experienced mechanic, and you may have your vehicle back within an hour or so.

Major Servicing

In addition to all the tasks in a minor service, major servicing involves a thorough safety inspection, replacing the spark plugs, repacking wheel bearings and changing all fluids. On some vehicles, a major service can take most of the day, so the cost will vary depending on your vehicle. At the end of the service, your mechanic can supply a log of all the completed works, and your owner’s manual can be updated. This will not only ensure that your vehicle offers at optimum efficiency but also protects your resale value.

If you are interested in car servicing in Perth, AHG Auto & Tyre Service is here to help. We make it easy to book a car service, and our mechanics are available to answer any of your queries or questions.

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