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What was the 1972 Chevy truck called?

The 1972 Chevy truck was part of the second generation of Chevy C/K trucks, which were produced from 1967 to 1972. This generation of trucks was also known as the “Action Line” or “Glamour pickups”. The specific model name for the 1972 Chevy truck varied depending on the trim level and options chosen. Some of the popular trim levels for the 1972 Chevy truck included the Custom Deluxe, Cheyenne, and Cheyenne Super.
It’s worth noting that the Chevy C/K trucks had different designations for 2-wheel drive (C series) and 4-wheel drive (K series) trucks. The C/K trucks were known for their redesigned exterior and improved driver comfort compared to the previous generation.
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What is the difference between a 1971 and 1972 Chevy truck?

1971 goes all-in on the egg crate grille design, pasting the Chevy logo in the middle and banishing the horizontal bar. Parking lights migrate to the bumper, while a black frame is drawn around the grille itself. 1972 deletes the black grille line, but maintains the status quo elsewhere in terms of exterior design.

What is the oldest Chevy truck?

In 1918, Chevrolet introduced the Model 490 Light Delivery Chassis and this was the foundation for their first “pickup truck.” It was a huge hit and by 1918, Chevrolet had several factory-designed pickup truck models.

What was the small Chevy in the 70s?

The Chevrolet Vega is a subcompact automobile that was manufactured and marketed by GM’s Chevrolet division from 1970 to 1977. Available in two-door hatchback, notchback, wagon, and sedan delivery body styles, all models were powered by an inline four-cylinder engine with a lightweight, aluminum alloy cylinder block.

What years did Chevy name their trucks?

1947-2013 Chevy Truck Generations – Quick Reference Guide

  • 1947-1955 Chevy Advance Design.
  • 1955-1959 Chevy Task Force.
  • 1967-1972 Chevy C/K Series.
  • 1973-1986 Chevy C/K, 1987-1991 Chevy R/V Series.
  • 1988-1998 Chevy C/K Series (GMT400)
  • 1999-2007 Chevy Silverado (GMT800)
  • 2007-2013 Chevy Silverado & GMC Sierra (GMT900)

What years are C10?

The number-one reason being 1973 to 1987 Chevy C10 trucks were produced for 15 years, the longest production run in comparison to the 1960 to 1966 C10 at 6 years of production and 5 years of production for the 1967 to 1972 Chevy C10 truck.

What are 70s Chevy trucks called?

Marketed by both the Chevrolet and GMC divisions from the 1967 to 1972 model years, this generation was given the “Action Line” moniker by General Motors (the first-generation C/K did not receive such a name).

What is the most sought after old Chevy truck?

Chevrolet C/K
The full-size Chevrolet C/K series ran from 1960 to 1999. Among the various generations, the second and third generations are highly sought-after by classic truck enthusiasts today.

What is the common name for C10?

Capric acid

Preferred IUPAC name Decanoic acid
Other names Caprinic acid; Caprynic acid; Decoic acid; Decylic acid; 1-Nonanecarboxylic acid; C10:0 (Lipid numbers)
CAS Number 334-48-5 1002-62-6 (sodium salt)

What are the old Chevy trucks called?

The Chevrolet C/K is a line of pickup trucks and other vehicles manufactured by Chevrolet from 1960 to 2002. It was discontinued and replaced by the Chevrolet Silverado.

What is a squarebody truck?

A wider and larger frame gave the trucks a box-like appearance, leading to the Square Body nickname. The trucks had a square wheel opening with round corners instead of the circular wheel wells. A rounded windshield and door frames balanced the boxiness of the design, while sculpted sides added dimension.

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