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What were the engine options for the 1957 Chevy truck?

Engine Options for the 1957 Chevy Truck
The 1957 Chevy truck offered several engine options. According to the search results, there were four standard engine options available for the 1957 Chevy truck:
1. Inline 6-cylinder engine: This engine had a displacement of 235.5 cubic inches (3,859 cc) and produced 140 horsepower (104 kW).
2. V8 “Turbo-Fire” engine: This engine had a displacement of 265 cubic inches (4,340 cc) and produced 162 horsepower (121 kW).
3. V8 “Turbo-Fire” twin-barrel carburetor engine: This engine had a displacement of 283 cubic inches (4,640 cc) and produced 185 horsepower (138 kW).
4. V8 “Super Turbo-Fire” four-barrel carburetor engine: This engine also had a displacement of 283 cubic inches (4,640 cc) and produced 220 horsepower (164 kW).
Please note that these were the standard engine options for the 1957 Chevy truck. It’s possible that there were additional optional engines available as well, but the search results did not provide specific information on those options.
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What is the rarest 1957 Chevy?

1957 CHEVROLET EL MOROCCO CONVERTIBLE. Lot #1356 – The rarest of the 1957 Chevys, the “Poor Man’s Cadillac.” Reuben Allender envisioned a Chevy “Bel Air Brougham” for the blue-collar luxury customer.

How much horsepower does a 1957 Chevy 283 have?

283 horsepower
The 1957 “Fuelie” 283 came in two varieties: With hydraulic lifters and 9.5:1 compression, it produced 250 horsepower; with solid lifters and 10.5:1 compression, it made 283 horsepower.

What is the difference between a 57 Chevy Bel Air and 210?

The main differences between the 210 to the BelAir models is the badging. The Chevrolet script will be gold as are the fender louvers and the V badges are also gold. The is also a difference with the centre and horn bar.

What is so special about a 57 Chevy?

For 1957, Chevrolet’s Fisher Body quality proved better than its primary competitors. This made sure that ’57 Chevys were well-liked when new, and also later, as late-model used cars. With around 1,500,000 units built, many of today’s collectors rode in them as youngsters.

What color was the engine in the 1957 Chevy truck?

Engine Colors

1957 Passenger 265 V8 Chartreuse
1957 Passenger 283 V8 Red
1957 Truck 235 Green**
1957 Truck 261 Yellow**

What engines came in a 1957 Chevy?

1957 Chevrolet
Body style 2-door sedan 2-door hardtop 4-door sedan 4-door hardtop 2-door convertible 2-door station wagon 4-door station wagon 2-door sedan delivery
Engine 235.5 cu in (3,859 cc) Blue Flame I6 265 cu in (4,340 cc) V8 283 cu in (4,640 cc) V8
Transmission 3-speed manual Powerglide auto Turboglide auto

What is the nickname for a 57 Chevy?

For the rest of us, the Tri-Fives, a nickname invented in later years to encompass the ’55s, ’56es, and ’57s, are simply cool, sized and styled just right and in a way that transcended the era of excess into which they were born. Today, a ’55 Plymouth is delightful; a ’55 Chevy is a national monument.

What is the difference between 1957 Chevy 150 and 210?

But to narrow it down, the 150 was the base model with no side trim at all; the 210 was between the 150 and Bel Air, with trim behind the front door only; and the Bel Air had trim all the way down the side, from front fender to the quarter panel.

What were the engine options for the 1957 Chevy 210?


  • 235 in3 “Blue Flame” I6 rated at 140 hp (104 kW).
  • 265 in3 “Turbo-Fire” OHV V8 rated at 162 hp (121 kW).
  • 283 in3 “Super Turbo-Fire” OHV V8 rated at 185 hp (138 kW).
  • 283 in3 “Super Turbo-Fire” OHV V8 with 4 barrel carburetor rated at 220 hp (164 kW)

What transmission options were available in the 57 Chevy?

For 1957, you had three transmission choices in a full sized V-8 Chevrolet. A 3-speed manual, the 2-speed Powerglide automatic and the “new for 1957” Turboglide automatic. The latter was only manufactured from 1957 through the 1961 model years. It was unique in that it operated by means of a 5-stage torque converter.

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