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What were the Ford models in 1939?

Ford Models in 1939
In 1939, Ford offered several models in its lineup. Here are the key models available:
1. Ford Deluxe Model 91A Eight: The Deluxe Model 91A Eight was one of the main models offered by Ford in 1939. It featured a low pointed grille with heavier vertical slats, headlights moved farther apart, and chrome strips on Deluxe models. The engine was revised with downdraft carburetors, widening the torque band but leaving power unchanged at 85hp (63kW). The Deluxe Model 91A Eight was offered in various body styles, including a Deluxe Convertible Coupe, Deluxe Convertible Sedan, Deluxe Coupe, Deluxe Fordor Sedan, Deluxe Station Wagon, and Deluxe Tudor Sedan .
2. Ford Standard Model 922A Eight: The Standard Model 922A Eight was another model available in 1939. It had a veed grille with horizontal bars and small side hood louvers. The Standard Model 922A Eight was offered in different body styles, including a coupe, Tudor Sedan, Fordor Sedan, and a five-passenger station wagon.
3. Ford Trucks: Ford also had a lineup of trucks in 1939, including pickups, panel trucks, stake body and platform models, and sedan delivery vehicles. Larger commercial models were available in dump truck and cab-over-engine configurations. Power came from V-8 engines with displacements of 136 or 221 cubic inches.
It’s worth noting that Ford had other models in its lineup during that time, such as the Mercury, Lincoln-Zephyr, and Lincoln. However, these models were separate from the Ford lineup and catered to different market segments.
Please let me know if you need more information or details about any specific model.

What cars did Ford make in 1938?

1937-1938 Ford Models, Price, and Production

1937 Model 74 Weight (lbs.) Production
1938 Model 81A Weight Production
Coupe, 5W, 2P 2,575 20,347
Tudor sedan, 5P 2,674 75,267
Fordor sedan, 5P 2,674 24,409

What are the body styles of the Ford 1939?

Body styles include Sedans (70A, 73A), Coupé (77A), Sedan Delivery (78), Wagon (78). IMPORTANT new features distinguish the Ford V-8 and De Luxe Ford V-8 for 1939. They differ in appearance. but the brilliant streamlined beauty of both is inspired by the Lincoln-Zephyr-acknowledged style leader among modern motor cars.

Why is 1940 Ford so popular?

There have been many automobiles that were deemed handsome designs for their time, but the success of the 1940 Ford DeLuxe can also be attributed to its low price, ample power and improved driveability. Moving the gearshift to the steering column made for easier shifting.

What cars did Ford make in 1930s?

Remembering Ford’s 1930s Classic Cars

  • 1932 Ford Phaeton Roadster (Ford Motor Company) Henry Ford was a genius when it came to making automobiles.
  • 1935 Ford V-8 ad (Ford Motor Company/Robert Tate Collection)
  • 1936 Ford three-window Deluxe Coupe (Ford Motor Company)
  • 1939 Ford ad (Ford Motor Company/Robert Tate Collection)

What is a 1939 Ford?

Americans sped through the 1930s in a variety of vehicles. This 1939 Ford convertible coupe provided drivers with a V-8 engine, 1930s styling, and something new for a Ford — hydraulic brakes. This was the last year however Ford equipped its vehicles with a rumble seat.

What were the early Ford models?


Name Orig. Produced
Model A USA 1903-1904
Model B USA 1904–1906
Model C USA 1904–1905
Model F USA 1905–1906

What is the top speed of a 1939 Ford?

With 85 horsepower and a top speed above 75 miles per hour, a 1939 Ford V-8 could catch just about anything on the road at that time. Priced around $680, it was budget friendly too.

Which was first Ford Model A or T?

The Ford Motor Company is incorporated
With 12 investors and 1,000 shares, the company had spent almost all of its $28,000 cash investment by the time it sold the first Ford Model A on July 23, 1903.

How many 1939 Fords were made?

Ford production worked out to 487,031 units for the model year—better than 1938, but roughly half of the 1935-’37 sales numbers. Calendar-year registrations were at 481,496, and calendar-year production was 532,152.

What is the difference between a 1939 and 1940 Ford?

The ’39 versions don’t have windwings in the doors and the ’40 does, and the windshield wipers on a ’39 mount above the windshield while a ’40 has them mounted in the cowl.

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