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Where are Ford Explorers produced?

Ford Explorer Production Locations
The Ford Explorer is produced at the Chicago Assembly Plant in the United States. This plant is responsible for manufacturing various models, including the Ford Explorer, Explorer ST, Explorer Hybrid, Police Interceptor Utility, and the Lincoln Aviator.
Additionally, the Ford Explorer has also been produced outside of the United States. Ford Sollers, Ford’s joint venture in Russia, launched the full production of the Ford Explorer at the Ford Sollers Elabuga Assembly Plant in the Republic of Tatarstan for the Russian market.
In summary, the Ford Explorer is primarily produced in the United States at the Chicago Assembly Plant, and it is also manufactured in Russia for the Russian market.
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What Ford vehicles are made in Mexico?

Ford. Ford Motor Company has a strong manufacturing footprint in Mexico, leveraging the country’s proximity to the United States. It has utilized its facilities to produce popular models such as the Ford Fiesta, Ford Fusion, and the Ford Mustang.

Is the Ford Explorer full frame or unibody?

Sixth generation
Then we come to the all-new Explorer for 2020. It’s still a unibody crossover, but it now comes with either rear drive or all-wheel drive. Four- and six-cylinder engines return again, along with a hybrid powertrain. This generation will even have a sporty ST variant.

Is Ford redesigning the Explorer for 2024?

The 2024 Ford Explorer has not been completely redesigned. The 2024 edition of this popular three-row SUV offers features similar to the beloved 2023 model, including colors and trim levels. This is excellent news for those drivers and shoppers who have been on the fence about when to purchase a new Explorer.

Why do so many police departments use Ford Explorers?

The Explorer police package edition is rated to handle a 75 MPH rear end collision with no serious injuries to occupants of the car. Very few other vehicles can make that claim. First, ‘All cops’ do not drive Ford Explorers. The most common police cars are Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors.

Where are Ford Explorers made in the US?

Chicago Assembly Plant
For the North American market, the first four generations of the Explorer were produced by Ford at its Louisville Assembly Plant (Louisville, Kentucky) and at its now-closed St. Louis Assembly Plant (Hazelwood, Missouri); the model line is currently produced at Chicago Assembly Plant (Chicago, Illinois).

How many Ford Explorers are on the road in USA?

With more than 8 million sold and 3.5 million still on the road, the Ford Explorer may have earned itself icon status, but the sixth-gen Explorer—new for 2020 and hailed for its savvy packaging and strong value—finished dead last in a recent Big Test.

Is the Ford Explorer built on a truck frame?

Compared to previous models, these Explorers switched to a unibody frame. Whereas previous Explorers used a truck-based chassis, this new unibody design makes for better handling and a smoother, more car-like drive.

Where is the Ford Expedition built?

Prior to 2009, the Ford Expedition was assembled at the Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan (previously home to the Ford Bronco). After 2009, the Ford Expedition was moved to the Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville, Kentucky.

How long is a Ford Explorer expected to last?

80,000 miles to 200,000 miles
According to MotorBiscuit.com, the average Ford Explorer can last anywhere from 80,000 miles to 200,000 miles. SUV owners looking to surpass 200,000 miles will need to provide their vehicle with the proper care. This range could mean your vehicle lasts anywhere from 10 to 20 years.

Is Ford discontinuing the Explorer?

Ford discontinued the Explorer Hybrid for the 2024 model year and with the announcement of the 2025 Explorer’s mid-cycle refresh, it looks like the Explorer Hybrid won’t be available. The Explorer Hybrid arrived for the 2020 model year and was available until 2023.

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