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Where is the AC drain line on Ford Ranger?

The AC drain line on a Ford Ranger is located between the firewall and the inner wheel well on the driver’s side of the vehicle’s undercarriage.

What happens when car AC drain is clogged?

Your AC has a drain hose that directs excess moisture away from the evaporator coils and out the undercarriage. If this hose is clogged, condensation will accumulate in the unit and begin dripping into the cabin.

Where is the AC drain tube located?

This tube right here. This for the EVAP canister this is not the AC drain. This tube right here is the AC drain.

How do you know if your car AC drain is clogged?

A warning sign that your car’s condensate drain might be blocked is when you notice the water leaking inside your vehicle. If you find your car’s floor getting wet with water whenever you turn your car’s air conditioner on, then it’s time to check your condensate drain.

How do I unclog my AC drain line?

So a very simple easy way to fix. This is to just take a rag or some tissues like I’m using here wrap. Them around the pipe. And what we’re trying to do is just kind of close the gap with the vacuum.

Will AC work if drain is clogged?

If there is a clog in the drain unit of your air conditioner, it will create a mess for you. The operation of your AC will remain the same, but the drain pan will overflow, and float will switch the AC off. This condition can also cause some damage to your AC, but it will not affect its cooling capacity.

Why can’t I find my AC drain line?

Usually, you’ll find the drain line outside near your condenser unit. First, find the access, which is a capped vertical PVC pipe. Look for it on the inside unit near the air handler. Outside, close to the condenser unit, you’ll find the runoff, which is also a PVC pipe.

What does AC drain line look like?

You’ll find a white PVC or copper pipe located near your outdoor unit—this is where the drain line ends. Near your indoor unit, you’ll find a vertical PVC pipe with a cap on it, which acts as the access point for the condensate drain.

How much does it cost to fix a clogged AC drain in car?

The repair cost to have the drain line flushed runs between $75 to $250.

Where is the AC drain line located in a car?

And blow out hot air a leaking ac drain hose will cause fluid leaking under the vehicle. It will turn on the check engine light on your dashboard. And store the ac related error codes.

Why is my aircon leaking in my Ford Ranger?

The most common fault on the Ford Ranger air conditioning system is the discharge aircon hose leaking at the ferrule crimp. This hose is repairable by cutting off old ferrules and welding new ones on and replacing the rubber hose section.

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