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Where is the Ford Kuga made?

Ford Kuga Manufacturing Location
The Ford Kuga is manufactured at the Ford Valencia Plant in Spain for European models, as per the patents from January 2011. This plant is responsible for the final assembly of the European models of the Ford Kuga. It’s important to note that the Kuga is marketed as the Ford Escape in North America, Australia, Middle East, and several countries in the Americas. The third-generation Ford Kuga is assembled at the automaker’s factory in Valencia, Spain.
So, to answer your question, the Ford Kuga is made at the Ford Valencia Plant in Spain for European models.
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How long will a Ford Kuga engine last?

The estimated lifespan of a Ford Kuga is 131,000mi, before reaching the life expectancy upper limit. Fuel type is a major factor when looking into a vehicles lifespan/life expectancy. Don’t just buy it, VehicleScore it.

Which Ford Kuga was recalled?

Ford has temporarily suspended sales of its new Kuga plug-in hybrid (PHEV) SUV and issued a recall after four have caught fire due to over-heating batteries. The brand has issued a safety recall for all affected models, and said repairs will commence later this month once the required parts are available.

Has Ford stopped making the Kuga?

Ford has unveiled the 2024 Kuga, which has been updated with a fresh look, revised model line-up and new technology. The popular model is offered with four powertrains, including two hybrids and a plug-in hybrid.

What is the Ford Kuga in USA?

the Escape
If the new-ish Ford Kuga for Europe looks familiar, there’s a good reason. The equivalent American version, the Escape, received its facelift near the end of 2022.

Why is the Ford Kuga burning?

Risk of insulation catching fire
The activation of the seatbelt pre-tensioner can potentially cause the insulation material around the pre-tensioner to ignite. The latest recall affects all Kugas‚ regardless of engine type‚ built at the automaker’s Valencia factory in Spain from July 2012 – June 2014.

Is the Ford Kuga reliable?

Reliability Survey, petrol Kugas came 24th out of 29 cars in the large SUV class. Its reliability score of 93.8% could be better, but it’s respectable: petrol Kugas proved more reliable than the rival Mazda CX-5 and BMW X3. Diesel Kugas placed last with a slightly concerning score of 85.0%.

Is Ford Kuga a 7 seater?

How many seats are there in a Ford Kuga? The Ford Kuga is a five-seater model, which is the norm among SUV options. Ford does not currently offer a seven-seater SUV in the UK, but does offer plenty of other sizeable options like the Galaxy MPV.

What Ford is bigger than a Kuga?

The Ford Edge is 4,808mm long and 2,184mm wide, which means it’s about the same size as a Kia Sorento, which is a seven-seater. The Edge has five (generous) seats. The Ford Kuga is smaller, with a length of 4,541mm and a width of 2,086mm. Another figure worth considering is the boot size.

What happened to Ford Kuga?

The fine and settlement agreement took into account the R335-million Ford has spent on three recalls of the model. Under pressure from the NCC, Ford in January 2017 launched a voluntary safety recall for 4 566 Kuga 1.6 models to address an engine overheating problem that had caused fires in some of the vehicles.

Can you get a Ford Kuga in the US?

The Kuga is marketed as the Ford Escape in North America, Australia, Middle East, and several countries in the Americas.

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