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Why is my Chevy Volt not starting?

Possible Reasons for Chevy Volt Not Starting
There could be several reasons why your Chevy Volt is not starting. Here are some possibilities based on the search results:
1. Battery Issues: One common cause of a Chevy Volt not starting is a problem with the battery. This could be either the 12V auxiliary battery or the high voltage battery. The 12V battery is responsible for keeping the electrical system running while the car is parked, and if it is dead or has corrosion on the terminals, it can prevent the car from starting. On the other hand, if the high voltage battery has failed, the internal combustion engine may not start. It is recommended to have a professional mechanic check the high voltage battery due to the risk of electrocution.
2. Electrical System Problems: Issues with the electrical system can also prevent the Chevy Volt from starting. This could include problems with the alternator, starter, or other components.
3. Software or Control Module Failure: Some users have reported issues with the Battery Energy Control Module (BECM) or other control modules, which can cause the car not to start. These failures may be covered under the Voltec warranty, which provides coverage for Voltec components for 8 years or 100,000 miles.
4. Other Factors: Other factors that could contribute to a Chevy Volt not starting include transmission system issues, power steering problems, or other mechanical failures.
What to Do Next
If your Chevy Volt is not starting, here are some steps you can take:
1. Check the Battery: Verify that the 12V auxiliary battery is not dead and that there is no corrosion on the battery terminals. If necessary, you can use a multimeter to measure the voltage of the battery.
2. Consult a Professional: If you are unable to identify the cause of the problem or if it is related to the high voltage battery or control modules, it is recommended to consult a professional mechanic who is familiar with electric vehicles.
3. Warranty Coverage: If your Chevy Volt is still under warranty, it may be covered for certain repairs. Check the warranty information provided by Chevrolet or contact a certified GM dealer for assistance.
Remember, these are just possible reasons for your Chevy Volt not starting. It is always best to consult a professional for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate repairs.

Can Chevy Volt work without battery?

No, the gasoline engine automatically kicks in to power the generator when the battery reaches a low charge. It wouldn’t be nearly as efficient, but it is possible to drive the Chevy Volt without ever charging the battery.

How do you start a Chevrolet Volt?

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What was problem with Chevy Volt?

An owner in Los Angeles said the Volt “suddenly, and unexpectedly lost propulsion while driving. The vehicle is no longer able to turn on or drive.” Another owner reported the Volt would not drive more than over 35 miles per hour on the highway “and it stops driving on electricity randomly.”

Can the Volt run on gas only?

Yes, the Volt can run on gas only like any other hybrid car (i.e. Prius). However, it is best to plug in when you can so the battery is maintained and conditioned.

What is the life expectancy of the Chevy Volt battery?

The Chevy Volt is equipped with a hybrid high voltage battery, and these types of batteries typically last, on average, about 6-10 years. On the flip side, batteries in conventional, gas-powered vehicles only last about 3-5 years.

How do you start a Chevy Volt with a dead key battery?

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What is the average life of a Chevy Volt?

200,000 to 300,000 miles
“With proper use and maintenance, a Chevrolet Volt can last 200,000 to 300,000 miles before you experience any major issues with the hybrid powertrain and other expensive components. If you drive an average of 15,000 miles per year, the car may serve you for about 13 to 20 years.”

What happens when Volt battery dies?

The Volt requires a working battery in order to operate. When using gas and a discharged battery, the car will pull energy from, and put charge back into the battery as needed. If your battery pack is in fact “dead” the car won’t operate.

Can you jumpstart a Chevy Volt?

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Are Chevy Volts being recalled?

Description of Recall: General Motors LLC (GM) is recalling certain 2018-2019 Chevrolet Equinox, Impala, Cruze, Volt and Bolt EV vehicles, GMC Terrain vehicles, Buick Lacrosse and Regal vehicles, Cadillac XTS and XTS Professional vehicles and 2018 Chevrolet Malibu vehicles.

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