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3 Signs That Your Car Needs Servicing

3 Signs That Your Car Needs Servicing

Every car has certain quirks or eccentricities that drivers get used to or ignore whilst driving. Most of these are simply characteristics of the car, but there are other aspects that cannot be ignored, and they need expert attention if you want to keep your car on the road. Every car needs to be serviced regularly. Every car manufacturer has specific servicing intervals for each of their models based on a set period of time or mileage. But, in many cases, the car will warn the driver of an impending problem and knowing how to recognise these signs can help. Here are three signs that your car needs a service.

1. The Engine Warning Light

Modern cars have an engine warning light to give you a basic warning that something isn’t right. If you have a check engine light on your dash, it can indicate a number of issues, and it’s important to get the car in for a service as soon as possible. Some cars can have a service light in the shape of a spanner icon to remind the driver when a service visit is due. When this first comes on, you have some time to arrange a car service, but don’t leave it too long.

2. Hearing Unusual Noises

If you can hear any new or strange noises coming from your car, it’s a sure sign that something is wrong. Let’s take a look at some common warning sounds and what they mean:

  • A loud or blowing exhaust: This typically means that the exhaust is cracked, it’s easy to fix, but it’s often a better idea to simply replace the exhaust before it falls off entirely.
  • A whining sound in the engine bay: This is often a loose belt, it needs to be adjusted or replaced before it causes other issues, such as battery problems and overheating.
  • A metallic scraping: Any scrapes or bangs need to be checked out quickly, this is often caused by a loose or broken component that’s rubbing up against other parts. This can result in more damage, and the longer it’s ignored, the more expensive the repair.
  • An uneven engine idling noise: If your car makes an uneven noise when you’re at the lights, it means that the engine is misfiring, and a repair is needed. This could be solved by replacing the spark plugs, or it could be a more complex issue related to the air and fuel mixture.
  • A crunching noise when changing gears: The parts and fluids in your gearbox undergo a great deal of stress, and they need to be replaced periodically. If you can hear a crunching noise, it’s time to take your car in for a service.

Squealing noise when braking: This is usually worn brake pads that need replacing.

3. Vibrations When Baking

This can be caused by a suspension problem, a steering issue or worn brake pads or discs. This cannot be ignored, and the car must be brought in for service immediately. A car that is acting in this manner isn’t safe to drive, and the tyres may also be worn. If you check your tyres for wear, they must have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm, and the wear should be even across the entire tyre.

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