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The Importance of Regular Car Maintenance

The Importance of Regular Car Maintenance

A car is the second largest purchase that most people make in their life, after their home, and it makes sense to take care of that considerable investment. A car that’s well maintained will run better, but it will also maintain its value, and it will have a longer lifespan. When you have a regular car service in Perth, your car will also be safer to drive, and the costs of repairs will be reduced over the ownership period of the car. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of regular car maintenance.

Improving Safety

Safety should be the primary concern for every car owner, and a breakdown can quickly turn into a dangerous situation. When a car is poorly maintained, a breakdown if far more likely, and it could happen anywhere at any time. There are also safety systems to consider; modern cars have many active and passive safety systems that need maintenance to ensure that they work well. A prime example would be the tyres. They must be kept at the correct pressure, and the tread must be at least 1.6mm across the entire tyre. This is important to ensure that the car can maintain grip and displace an adequate volume of water in wet driving conditions.

Reducing Repair Costs

Regular car maintenance isn’t costly, but it’s an absolute bargain compared to the costs of unexpected replacements and repair bills. A car engine and the various components don’t fail for no reason, and in most cases, there are things that can be done if the problems are identified at an earlier stage. During regular car maintenance, minor issues can be identified and rectified before they develop into much larger problems that are far more expensive to fix. The technician may find signs of wear or leaks or cracks that help them to identify a component that could be saved rather than replaced. This is how you can keep your repair costs over the lifespan of the vehicle under control and save money.

An Extended Lifespan

If you follow the recommended maintenance schedule for your car carefully, it’s easier to avoid or at least defer problems related to the age of your car. A program of preventative car maintenance will help you to prevent larger problems in components, such as the drivetrain, the transmission system, and the cooling system. These are all common problems in ageing cars, and they can be expensive to fix. Regular car maintenance can help to reduce the wear and tear on the engine itself and a wide variety of other components. This will extend the useful lifespan of the car and help to maintain the value for longer.

A comprehensive car service could cost you a few hundred dollars, but a single extensive repair could cost thousands. A car that’s well looked after will be less likely to surprise you with unexpected problems, and it will be far safer to drive too. If you need a car service in Perth, contact AHG Auto & Tyre Service to arrange a visit today.

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