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5 Subtle Signs That You Need Car Repairs: Perth Expert Advice

5 Subtle Signs That You Need Car Repairs: Perth Expert Advice

Sometimes, the need for a car repair will be evident, and at other times it may be far less obvious that you may expect. A check engine light or a break down are both clear examples of a necessary automotive repair, but how do you know about the less obvious repair needs? If you know what to look for you can identify a lot of problems without any formal training. Let’s take a look at five subtle signs that you need to take your car to an auto shop for diagnostics and a probable repair.

1. More Exhaust Emissions

If your car starts to emit more exhaust smoke than usual, this is a cause for concern. This is especially true if the exhaust fumes are extremely excessive and/or they have changed colour. The colour of the exhaust smoke can give you some clues on what the problem may be. If the exhaust smoke has turned black, it means that your car is probably burning too much fuel. If the smoke is now blue, this means that there is some oil inside the combustion chamber. If the exhaust emissions are now white, this is a sign that there is a coolant leak somewhere in your engine. All of these problems need to be investigated further by a local professional mechanic.

2. Unusual Noises

A modern car is an extremely sophisticated piece of engineering with electrical, electronic and mechanical parts. Many of these are moving parts, and over time they can stray away from where they should be located. Any time you hear a weird noise that you haven’t heard before it’s a sure sign that you need to get your car looked at by a mechanic. Some common examples could include: grinding noises when braking, knocking noise from under the bonnet and whining sounds coming from the transmission.

3. A Decrease in Fuel Efficiency

Some drivers may not notice this for a while, but if your car seems to be less fuel efficient, there may be a problem. Perhaps you notice that you need to fill more often than you used to or you seem to be spending more on fuel. If you’re lucky this could be an easy fix; a simple professional tune up could be all that’s needed to restore your car’s fuel efficiency. This would include changing the air filter, spark plugs and cleaning the sensor.

4. Strange Odors

If you have odd smells in your car, it could be an indication of a problem that needs professional attention. A stale gym bag odor could indicate that there is mold growing inside your AC or heater system. A burning smell could be a sign that the clutch is about to fail. A rich, sweet maple syrup smell will probably mean that your car has developed a coolant leak. There are too many odors to cover here, but suffice to say that any strange odors need further investigation.

5. Leaks and Puddles

Any car relies on a number of different fluids to operate various systems. If you ever notice any leaks coming from your car or a puddle where it was parked it should be taken to your local auto shop immediately.

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