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3 Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Your Car Service: Perth Expert Advice

3 Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Your Car Service: Perth Expert Advice

Sadly, many drivers forget or decide to avoid their car service. Perth motorists that skip one or more car services are opening themselves up to a host of problems. Skipping a car service may initially save some money, your car’s health will suffer, and the long term financial consequences could be extremely expensive. In this article, we will look at three reasons why you should never skip car servicing.

1. Car Servicing is Essential

Every car is a complex piece of engineering with mechanical, electronic and electrical components that need to work together. These systems are serviced by a network of cables and hoses that deliver essential fluids and lubricants throughout the engine. Over the lifetime of your car, these component need to be checked at regular intervals to ensure that they are operating in a safe and reliable manner. Adjustments, repairs or replacements may be needed to maintain performance and safety standards. A car should be serviced annually or at 15,000km intervals. If you have skipped a service or two, a trained mechanic may be able to carry out a three-year service to get your car back on track.

2. Preventing Serious Damage

When you get the best car service carried out at regular intervals smaller issues can be identified and fixed before they develop into larger problems. A service visit and a minor repair will be far cheaper than a major repair or a replacement. Once your service is complete, the mechanic will usually give you a report that will highlight any repairs that are needed to avoid a breakdown or expensive repair. A simple example: if your oil isn’t changed regularly it will clog up in your engine and cause damage that could be severe enough to warrant an entire engine replacement. In this case, an oil change, which is often included in a service, could have saved the car owner thousands of dollars. Finally, when your car is off the road due to a serious problem, it cannot be used, and this will also cost time and money spent on car rentals or public transportation.

3. Prolonging the Car’s Lifespan

Eventually, every car will fail, but buying a new or secondhand car is a significant investment, and it makes sense to protect it. If your car is kept in good shape with regular servicing, the value will be better protected due to the up to date log book. This will help you to get a better price if you choose to sell your car later on. However, if you want to keep your car, you can boost the useful lifespan by many years. Every year that you don’t have to replace your car is a real boost to your bank balance. Regular car servicing may seem like an expense that you can ignore, but in reality, it’s a great way to save money and enjoy a hassle-free driving experience.

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