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Does the Ford Ranger need a transmission cooler?

According to the search results, the Ford Ranger does not come standard with a transmission cooler. However, it does have a heat exchanger that helps cool the transmission oil. The heat exchanger may be adequate for normal driving conditions, but it may not be sufficient for towing, as transmission oil temperatures can reach over 250 degrees when towing. Therefore, if you plan on towing with your Ford Ranger, it is recommended to install an auxiliary transmission cooler. Adding an auxiliary cooler may require some modifications and can be quite difficult. There are aftermarket transmission cooler kits available for the Ford Ranger that can help bring down the transmission operating temperature to a reasonable level. It is important to monitor the transmission fluid condition frequently, especially after towing, to ensure it is not degrading.

How much does it cost to install a transmission cooler?

The average cost for a Trans Oil Cooler Assembly Replacement is between $574 and $636. Labor costs are estimated between $164 and $207 while parts are priced between $409 and $429. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your unique location.

Is A transmission cooler necessary?

A transmission oil cooler is a crucial component in maintaining the performance, reliability, and longevity of a vehicle’s transmission system. By effectively regulating the temperature of the transmission fluid, it ensures smooth shifting, minimizes wear on critical components, and improves fuel efficiency.

When should I add a transmission cooler?

If you are towing a heavy load there will be a huge amount of extra heat generated. The additional transmission cooler would be a very wise investment. If you haul a heavy load or trailer it could make the transmission stay cooler and possibly last longer.

What kind of car usually needs a transmission cooler?

Never bypass a transmission cooler if it’s an automatic. They need the cooler. Transmissions use the engine heat that is dumped into the radiator to warm up when it’s cold, then use the cooler to stay a consistent temperature. The main issue is transmission fluid breaks down very quickly at high temperatures.

When should I get a transmission cooler?

Extreme heat is dangerous to your transmission, and if you frequently use your vehicle for towing or hauling loads, and/or drive in rough conditions such as hilly terrain or mountainous, unpaved roads, an aftermarket transmission cooler might be a good idea.

Does Ford Ranger have transmission problems?

The most widely reported problem with the Ford Ranger is with the model’s transmission system. Many drivers of the Ford Ranger have noted issues with the automatic transmission, with problems being so prevalent that a number of recalls on the model have been announced on both older and newer models.

Can you tow without transmission cooler?

Is a transmission cooler really needed for what I’m towing, or is it simply providing peace of mind that the transmission won’t overheat in certain situations? If you are towing 3500 pounds or under, you’ll be fine without the tranny cooler.

Does Ford Ranger come with transmission cooler?

It is recommended that a transmission cooler be fitted to automatic models if heavy towing is a regular occurrence. The factory tow pack for the Ford Ranger includes an automatic transmission cooler.

How important is a transmission cooler for towing?

The short answer – YES!! We could not recommend them highly enough for cooler running, prolonged transmission life, reduced costs and better fuel economy. Did you Know?? For every 12 degrees C of heat reduced, you double the life of your transmission fluid.

Will a transmission cooler make the transmission last longer?

A transmission cooler can be even more important. Hard driving, mountain roads, towing, and hauling can overheat an automatic transmission, shortening transmission life. An auxiliary transmission cooler keeps temperatures down.

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