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How big is Ford Maverick gas tank?

Ford Maverick Gas Tank Size
The gas tank size of the Ford Maverick is 15 gallons regardless of the engine it’s equipped with. This provides a good range depending on the model year and options.
So, the Ford Maverick has a fuel capacity of 15 gallons, offering a decent range for driving without frequent refueling.

Why are Mavericks so cheap?

Arocha explains that Ford’s “incredibly inexpensive” truck achieved its low cost primarily by making smart engineering choices while still equipping it with less costly underpinnings.

How many miles per gallon does a 2024 Ford Maverick hybrid get?

42 mpg city and 33 mpg highway
The EPA estimates that hybrid variants of the Maverick are good for 42 mpg city and 33 mpg highway; the nonhybrid is rated for 23 mpg city and 30 mpg highway with front-wheel drive and 22 mpg city and 29 mpg highway with all-wheel drive.

How big is the gas tank on a 2024 Ford Maverick?

16.5 Gallons

Body Type Unibody, SuperCrew(4-Door), Compact Pickup
16.5 Gallons on 2.0L Gas EcoBoost®
Drive Type FWD (2.5L Hybrid or 2.0L EcoBoost®)
AWD (2.0L EcoBoost® Only)
Available Engines 2.5L FHEV (Hybrid)

What is the life expectancy of a Ford Maverick?

Typically, a Ford Maverick will last around 200,000 miles. Issues like rust, corrosion, maintenance, driving habits, and more will influence the ability of the Ford Maverick to survive.

How far can a Ford Maverick go on a tank of gas?

429 miles
Compare Side-by-Side

2022 Ford Maverick FWD
EPA Fuel Economy Regular Gasoline
26 MPG 23 30 combined city/highway city highway
3.8 gal/100mi
429 miles Total Range

Is the Ford Maverick good on gas?

What’s even better is that the Maverick is offered in both hybrid and fuel options, giving Rogers drivers the chance to have an eco-friendly truck. Does the Ford Maverick fuel economy rate high? If you opt for the hybrid option, you can get up to 42 city MPG / 33 hwy MPG!

How is the Ford Maverick so cheap?

Modularity was another big point in cost savings. The Maverick’s engine, for example, is using off-the-shelf components compatible with a broad range of other vehicles. Specifically, Arocha points out the notch in the pan that is provisional for other vehicle applications.

How big is the fuel tank on a Ford Maverick tremor?


Fuel Tank Capacity 16.5
Engine Size 2.0
Engine Type Gas
Cylinders 4

Which Maverick gets the best gas mileage?

Why Does the Maverick Hybrid Get Good Fuel Economy?

2023 Maverick Model City MPG (EPA) Combined MPG (EPA)
Hybrid FWD 40 37
EcoBoost FWD 23 25
EcoBoost AWD 22 24

Oct 4, 2023

Does the Ford Maverick really get 40 mpg?

Current fuel economy estimates for the Ford Maverick Hybrid are 37 mpg combined (40 city, 33 highway).

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